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Telehealth for Family Medicine

Family medicine physicians are tasked with providing health care that is comprehensive to people of all ages, whether they are newborns or seniors. They are the only specialists that have the qualification to treat such a large array of ailments. This puts them in a very unique position and are often the first point of contact with a physician when people are concerned about their health. As a primary care physician, family medicine specialists have a wide understanding of not only health concerns, but community and social determinants of health to help them diagnose and treat patients.

The growing push for telehealth services, in these times of social distancing and restrictions, are a boon to family medicine physicians and their patients; and in many ways the transition for them from in-person to virtual visits can be easier for them. The comprehensive coverage of health concerns coupled with the fact that they treat patients regardless of age mean that more often than not, they are the most commonly seen physicians. Because of this, it is also often the case that many patients visit the same family medicine physician throughout the course of their lives. The trust built up through these previous consultations can be helpful in assuaging feelings of uncertainty or hesitancy for their patients to try telehealth. For first time consultations, telehealth can also be a great time-saving tool where family medicine physicians can make an initial diagnosis where they may be able to treat the patient, request the patient come in person, or refer the patient depending on their findings.

As primary care specialists, family medicine physicians will sometimes have the need to consult or refer a patient to a secondary care specialist. Telehealth solutions are able to provide easier communication between primary and secondary care physicians. Global Telehealth Exchange (GTHE) is a state-of-the-art telehealth solution that encompasses many aspects of the healthcare journey. It is HIPAA-compliant, secure, and provides worldwide access to healthcare.

With access to healthcare professionals globally, and the ability to securely share information, patients using GTHE will have no problems getting the help they need from anywhere in the world. Meanwhile, healthcare providers have greater access to other specialists on the solution for referrals if the need arises. And, as many specialties require better or quicker communication channels, having easy access to full medical records can help healthcare providers to diagnose and advise treatment options more efficiently. General practitioners and specialists using GTHE can easily make referrals or share documentation when needed.

GTHE offers many benefits to healthcare providers including:

With GTHE, healthcare providers can connect with their patients seamlessly and provide a better remote standard of care. If you want to expand your medical practice without investing in expensive software, visit the GTHE website and sign up now.

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