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Telemedicine or Telehealth?

Telemedicine and telehealth are terms that are often used interchangeably which leads to the misconception that they are one and the same. When in fact, they have widely accepted differences.

Telehealth is an umbrella term which the majority of digital practices of healthcare fall under. Telehealth, according to the WHO includes services such as, “surveillance, health promotion and public health functions”. Telehealth refers to a range of non-clinical services, many of which are outside of the scope of patient-doctor interactions. There can be telehealth solution focused on healthcare provider trainings, information sharing, medical education, healthcare administrative processes, and many more.

Telemedicine is one of many subsets of telehealth where the focus is on the interaction between doctor and patient. Telemedicine commonly refers to providing remote clinical healthcare services through telecommunications services and solutions. Such as, in cases when doctors conduct remote patient consultations for follow-up visits, prescribing medication, managing chronic illnesses, and any other clinical services that are done remotely through telecommunication technology.

Global Telehealth Exchange (GTHE) is a state-of-the-art telehealth solution that encompasses many aspects of the healthcare journey. It is HIPAA-compliant, secure, and provides worldwide access to healthcare. With access to doctors globally, and the ability to securely share information, patients and healthcare professionals using GTHE will have no problems getting the help they need from anywhere in the world. And, as many specialties require better or quicker communication channels, having easy access to full medical records can help healthcare providers to diagnose and advise treatment options more efficiently. General practitioners and specialists using GTHE can easily make referrals or share documentation when needed.

GTHE offers many benefits to healthcare providers including:

With GTHE, healthcare providers can connect with their patients seamlessly and provide a better remote standard of care. If you want to expand your medical practice without investing in expensive software, visit the GTHE website and sign up now.

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