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The road to the company’s growth. Welcome Solve.Care new employees

Our Recruitment department has hired 22 new employees for the last 2 months. All of our colleagues are professionals in their craft, we are inspired by the opportunity to decentralize and redefine the global administration of healthcare and other benefit programs with Solve.Care.

Meet our new staff

Karen-Marie Kragelund — Operation Manager

Karen-Marie is an agile and versatile leader with extensive experience in cross-cultural and cross-functional change management on organizational and business partner levels.

She specializes in cross-border management with a focus on driving continuous improvement, bridging gaps via transparent communication and developing a culture of accountability across functions and organizational levels. Karen has a proven track record of successful deliveries and management of key stakeholder interests in high-pressure environments.

Andrei Vorobiov — Solution Delivery Project Manager

Andrei has 13 years of experience managing projects and customer relations for companies outsourcing IT services. He has a fundamental understanding of software development processes and service delivery models. We’ll be tapping his extensive experience in enterprise-grade application development in a distributed team setup.

Ali Rizvan — Product Manager

Ali has worked with Healthcare systems to implement business intelligence solutions as and SQL server and Epic certified specialist. He has extensive experience, acquired over the years working in multi-national companies.


Our development team welcomed two Java developers with 4+ years experience each in the development of enterprise solutions for medical insurance and banks. We also have two new Technical Project Managers and a new System Analyst with a strong analytical background.

Four new members have joined the marketing team.

  • Project Manager with over two years of related experience, especially in building strong, long-term relationships with existing customers and partners (the US, EU market).
  • Graphic Designer with 5+ years of experience has worked across several design segments (motion, graphics, prepress, handmade). She helps Solve.Care develop and enhance brand identity and provides design support to the projects targeted at the global market.
  • WordPress developer with 5+ years of development experience.
  • Proofreader, a native English speaker with 15 years of experience of writing and editing in Kyiv.

Six new members have joined our HR team as Recruitment researchers, HR specialists, a System coordinator and a Travel coordinator.

We are also happy to report that our Delivery and Project Manager departments are growing.

As of now, our team consists of more than 60 members. We’re glad to see our company growing and are looking forward to onboarding more talented members as we go forward.

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