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The Solve.Care Ambassador Program Part1

Are you passionate about blockchain and crypto? Would you like to help bring greater access to healthcare for people all around the world? Are you a true believer in the Solve.Care mission? Are you interested in becoming part of the inner circle of Solve.Care? Do you want to earn some additional funds every month? If you answered yes to every single question, then you’re gonna want to learn more about this new spanking program we are introducing!

We are extremely excited to announce the launch of Solve.Care Ambassador Program! We wanna reach out and tell the world about the potential of the Solve.Care platform and we want you, our community to be a part of it. It’s an amazing opportunity to really get involved and be a member of the Solve.Care inner circle. Interested? Then, read on!

What you’ll be doing as an Ambassador?

Let’s start with what you’ll be doing as an Ambassador. The first thing is to find like-minded people who might be interested in what Solve.Care is planning to achieve, and a place for them to share that interest. So, it’s up to you to help establish and manage a Solve.Care regional community. Regional communities also means regional audiences, Ambassadors will be responsible for helping to translate important messages from Solve.Care for more effective awareness. Perhaps most important though, is that Ambassadors are required to share community feedback, market trends, and provide suggestions to grow sustainably in their respective regions.  You will also be expected to regularly engage with Solve.Care social media content and posts, helping to promote them further on various social media platforms.

It’s not just all work and no play though! As an Ambassador you can truly let your passion for Solve.Care shine maybe by hosting fun activities, putting together virtual or physical meet-ups, or anything else that you might think will help tighten the bonds of the community. Going the extra mile is always a positive. We will strongly take into consideration any help you might need but we do encourage you to do things your way. Whether it is creating content such as blogs, videos, tutorials, and more, we can help feature them on our official social media pages. Now we did mention that as an Ambassador you are part of the inner circle, and what you say matters. You can have a say on exploring partnership opportunities and introduce to us new influencers or publications where YOU think we should be.

Do you have what it takes to be an Ambassador!?

First and foremost, if you are passionate and enthusiastic about crypto, Solve.Care, and its mission, this is definitely for you! But there are a few things which would be a great help when applying to be a Solve.Care Ambassador. Strong experience as a crypto enthusiast is a benefit, particularly if you have great interest and have followed Solve.Care for a while. If you are already an established leader of a community or a social media influencer then you already have some experience being an Ambassador of sorts, which could increase your chances of being chosen. Finally, we are looking for creativity! We give you the freedom to generate your own graphics, videos and content and hope you can be as creative with them as possible!

Cool, I’m an Ambassador now, what’s in it for me?

You’ll be one of us! Ambassadors receive exclusive access to Solve.Care’s plans and upcoming news. You will have direct access to the Solve.Care team and leadership (Just like all Solve.Care employees!) that can provide you leadership, support and answer any queries you may have. You will also be invited to join in on internal calls and meetings to ensure that you are a part of our process. 

Let’s not forget the rewards! Ambassadors will be rewarded in SOLVE token for their activities. The greater the engagement and activeness, the greater the rewards, so it all falls on how much you want to do. Oh and, all Ambassador’s will receive an exclusive Ambassador’s pack of Solve.Care merchandise and goodies! 

To join, just fill in the form here:

We’ll get in touch with shortlisted Ambassadors over the coming weeks!

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