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The Solve.Care Global Ambassador Program: Part 2

So, a quick recap, back towards the end of February we announced the launch of Solve.Care Global Ambassador Program. We began open applications to look for fellow enthusiasts and community members that could help us reach out and tell the world about the potential of the Solve.Care platform and we wanted you, our community to be a part of it. For more details on what being a Solve.Care Ambassador entails and what it takes to become one, be sure to check out Part 1. It’s an amazing opportunity to really get more involved within the Solve.Care community, and applications are still open as we want to expand our reach to as many language/geographical groups as possible. 

Fast forward back to now, we are a couple months down the road from when we started our recruitment and we thought it would be a great time to talk about our progress! The Solve.Care Global Ambassador Program is off to a great start, but before we get to that let’s talk a bit about our selection process, as we’re sure many of you would be curious about it. We had a three-step process set up to select the best candidates for the program. The first part is simply filling out an application form for the program and sending it in to us so we can learn some details about you. The second part consists of an interview session where we dig a little deeper to see what you want to accomplish, how, why you feel you’d be a great ambassador, and more. Then finally, the candidates who successfully got through the interview round would take a 55-question quiz so we can evaluate how much they really know about Solve.Care.

The results?

Well, it is safe to say that we were very happy and blown away by the number of applicants who wanted to join the Solve.Care Global Ambassador Program. We had a total of 281 applications, all from 39 different countries, and had to meticulously go through each application. After taking the time to properly review the applications and going through our 3-step process, 13 were selected for the Solve.Care Ambassador Program. These 13 Ambassadors span 10 different countries.

These Ambassadors are already hard at work, helping to set up and manage new Solve.Care communities, starting with Telegram. We now have 8 new Solve.Care Telegram groups set up, which you can check out below.

  1. Solve.Care Turkey:
  2. Solve.Care Sri Lanka:
  3. Solve.Care Africa:
  4. Solve.Care Vietnam:
  5. Solve.Care Indonesia:
  6. Solve.Care Arabic:
  7. Solve.Care Pakistan:
  8. Solve.Care Kazakhstan:

The Solve.Care Global Ambassador Program is still an ongoing initiative, and we are still looking for more candidates, particularly in Latin America, India, and China. If you are interested in this opportunity here is a quick overview of what it means to be a Solve.Care Ambassador:

Our ambassadors are:

  • Experienced crypto enthusiasts who have a great interest in Solve.Care
  • Established leaders within their communities
  • They may be social media influencers
  • Creative individuals who are able to create clear yet insightful graphics, video and other content
  • Passionate and enthusiastic individuals who keep up with the latest news 

Ambassadors responsibilities:

  • Establish and manage Solve.Care regional communities
  • Regularly engage with Solve.Care social media content and posts
  • Promote Solve.Care on various social media platforms
  • Translate materials into target languages
  • Contact influencers and publications to get Solve.Care featured on their platforms
  • Create content by writing blogs, tutorials, or reviews
  • Explore partnership opportunities for Solve.Care
  • Host virtual or physical meetups
  • Share community feedback, community/market trends and suggest what we should do to grow sustainably

Here is the application form:

Inquiry Request
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