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The Solve.Care Omron Campaign Survey Results

We recently ran an engagement campaign for our community which concluded with the reveal announcement that OMRON was joining the Solve.Care ecosystem. It involved the integration of their blood pressure monitors with Care.Wallet.

The campaign took the form of a series of clues, inviting our community to see if they could identify the brand name before the official announcement. Prizes were offered to the first five correct entries. We used Twitter as the main platform to conduct the campaign. Here are some numbers resulting from the campaign.

We achieved over 52.1K Twitter views. There were 2,978 retweets of posts connected to the campaign. We attracted a total of 1,462 entries in a space of 7 days, and in total 32 people managed to correctly identify OMRON as the brand name that would be integrated onto Care.Platform.

While the campaign (in our view at least) was a huge success, we still want to do better. Because of this, we conducted a survey seeking the community’s feedback in order to improve moving forward.

Here are the results of the survey.

Question 1:

75.6% of those who took the survey appreciated the campaign and enjoyed taking part in the contest. However, 14.6% didn’t like the contest at all.


Question 2:

Here we see the majority of respondents thought that the clues given had the right amount of difficulty to solve. We obviously couldn’t make it too easy, else there would not have been any challenge. The 12.2% who thought that the clues were way too easy are obviously the geniuses in our Community! 😊


Question 3:

Here, we see the answers slightly more spread out with just over half the respondents who felt that the duration of the campaign was just right, while 31.7% felt that it was too long. 17.1% wanted the campaign to be longer. 😍


Question 4:

The top 3 winners received an exclusive NFT voucher which is redeemable for an integrated OMRON device, once the integration is complete. They also received a USD30 Amazon gift voucher, together with the 4th and 5th placed winners. A small percentage (14.6%) did not even bother if there were prizes or not. If this percentage were to rise to over 60%, we might consider not giving out any prizes at all in the future! 😉 (Just kidding!)


Question 5:

Here, the vast majority of respondents were excited with the announcement. We, in Solve.Care, share that excitement with you, not just because it is a global and trusted brand name, but because we are building up the ecosystem, to ensure everything you need for your healthcare can be accessed through Care.Wallet.


Open comments:

From the results, you can see that the clear majority were happy with the campaign overall. But we also wanted some qualitative feedback on how we could improve. Below is a selection of comments. While the majority of the comments were positive, we will see how we can incorporate the constructive criticisms, but still heed the wishes of the majority.

  1. Solve.Care has the best team, I think the recent announcement was top notch, more announcements should follow that part
  2. Keeps the community excited
  3. Solve.Care really did a great job
  4. Same as the previous. Really fun
  5. The announcement was just perfect
  6. Underpromise over deliver, the boy who cried wolf strategy is not working too well imho, also if one of the two companies in the partnership does not feel it to be important enough to announced it…this should give you a clue on how much of a “milestone” it is and how much “excitement” there should be around this “event” … it’s like you took Alivecor and made it worse  …wolf wolf !!
  7. Announce network usage
  8. Yes, I also wish to be a winner 🏆 too in the next coming event
  9. Reduce the duration of the announcements contest to maximum of 3 days
  10. The guessing game is quite fun, but let the period of guessing be shortened.
  11. For me it is okay. Not a bad idea if we keep doing such a thing anyways.
  12. Give a better prize to entice more people and the better clues (3x)
  13. I really wish this should be done more often
  14. Of course it would be. This will keep the anticipation on a high
  15. This should be done almost every time
  16. A surprise announcement that no one expected
  17. I just love the suspense in every big announcement and development that eventually unravels in Solve.Care. Keep it up!
  18. Solve.Care is amazing me with the way and manner they go about activities, especially announcements. I commend it and expect to see more
  19. There’s no need to hype such a minor announcement like this over so many days. It leads to a lot of disappointment.  It should just be announced as a surprise and without any pre-hype. Internally you might think it’s a great announcement but clearly, the community and market might just shrug its shoulders and find it unworthy of the hype as it has each time you’ve run this kind of hype campaign. Simple solution is to just come out and announce it, and then let the market and community decide if it’s any good
  20. More partnerships (4x)
  21. Absolutely. It would be amazing see Solve.Care come up with stuff like this for any big announcement
  22. Most of the holders are Koreans. People in the Korean coin community mock this marketing method
  23. I don’t know what else to say rather than am glad I participated in the competition


We would like to thank all those who participated in our campaign, and we do hope you enjoyed taking part in them. The survey results indicate that most of you did enjoy the activities, and we look forward to organizing the next campaign. (which may come sooner than you think 😉)

Until our next campaign!

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