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Transforming Clinical Trials with Blockchain Innovation


In an exciting new collaboration, Solve.Care has joined forces with DeHRA (Decentralized Healthcare Records Access). This partnership aims to revolutionize the healthcare industry by establishing a decentralized network that streamlines clinical trials, improves patient outcomes, and grants secure access to comprehensive health records. By leveraging the innovative potential of blockchain technology, this joint venture promises to bring transparency, trust, and empowerment to patients, researchers, and healthcare providers worldwide.

The DeHRA Clinical Trial Network (CTN):

DeHRA, founded by Dr. Yuri Ostrovsky, a neuroscientist turned digital health technologist, is a purpose-built entity aiming to unlock the true potential of health data while upholding the highest standards of privacy and security.

The first joint project between Solve.Care and DeHRA is the DeHRA Clinical Trial Network (CTN). This innovative network enables the seamless collation of patient data for clinical research studies, making it easier to recruit study participants who meet specific inclusion and exclusion criteria. The DeHRA CTN eliminates the need to share data outside of a cryptographically secure data enclave, ensuring that patients have full control over their health records. With patient consent at the core of this initiative, the DeHRA CTN aims to introduce a new era of transparency and trust in healthcare, benefiting patients, researchers, and healthcare providers alike.

The Power of Blockchain in Healthcare:

Blockchain technology has been at the forefront of transforming various industries, and its potential in healthcare is immense. Solve.Care has been a pioneer in leveraging blockchain to create a decentralized digital healthcare platform, Care.Platform. The platform’s unique transactional processing capabilities ensure the utmost security and efficiency in handling health data, protecting patients’ sensitive information while streamlining healthcare processes. By combining the technical capabilities of Solve.Care’s blockchain technology with DeHRA’s patient-centric approach to distributed data access and processing, this collaboration aims to empower individuals to take control of their health data like never before. Patients will have the ability to securely access and share their health records while maintaining full privacy and autonomy over their information.

Empowering Patients and Revolutionizing Clinical Trials with SOLVE Token

As the DeHRA CTN is a Care.Network built on Care.Platform, it will greatly utilize its native SOLVE token. SOLVE is a crucial part of the platform. It is used for healthcare payments, subscription fees, and gas for events in Care.Networks.

As gas on the network, users can utilize SOLVE for establishing identity, ensuring secure and verified profiles. It also enables the process of giving and receiving consent, facilitating secure data sharing among network participants or across different networks. The token powers CEVM transactions, allowing for complex business application flows and data handling beyond smart contracts functionality which is important in properly filtering the right participants for the right studies on the DeHRA CTN.

Being able to utilize SOLVE as fees is an important option to have on Care.Networks. One possible way it can be utilized is that depending on the decision of the clinical trial using the DeHRA CTN, they can incentivize participants by paying them fees, as some in-person studies do. Clinical trials can also opt to sponsor the members on the Care.Network to lessen the burden of transactions for participants.

SOLVE’s greatest utility is in healthcare payments. Solve.Care created a dual redemption model for its token. Payments made through Care.Platform are either fixed (fixed price at the time of payment) or can be variable. SOLVE is required for transactions on a Care.Network, however this doesn’t mean a user needs to have SOLVE beforehand. We want to make the process of joining a Care.Network and participating as easily as possible. That is why SOLVE is easily obtainable directly within Care.Wallet through a credit card. We are also always working on greatly increasing the way users can get access to SOLVE worldwide.

This broad utility of the SOLVE token provides a seamless and efficient user experience, making it a compelling factor for driving massive adoption for the DeHRA CTN, for both institutions and participants.

Conclusion: Working Towards a Transparent and Trustworthy Future

Both Solve.Care and DeHRA are committed to delivering a platform that ensures the highest level of privacy, security, and accessibility for healthcare data. The ongoing development of this pioneering technology is already underway, with a targeted launch of the network expected by the end of 2023. With an impressive 458,241 studies and clinical trials currently registered worldwide, according to, the DeHRA CTN has great potential for adoption and impact.

The partnership between Solve.Care and DeHRA marks a significant milestone in the healthcare industry. By embracing the transformative potential of blockchain technology, the collaboration aims to revolutionize health record access and usher in a new era of patient empowerment, research efficiency, and healthcare transparency. As we await the launch of this groundbreaking decentralized network, the future of healthcare looks brighter than ever before. One where patients are firmly in control of their health data and researchers are better equipped to unlock medical breakthroughs for the benefit of all.

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