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Unlocking Enterprise Adoption: Solve.Care’s Journey Towards Healthcare Interoperability

In today’s healthcare landscape, interoperability remains a significant challenge, leading to increased administrative costs and hindering patient care.

Solve.Care is a pioneering healthcare blockchain platform company leading the charge in breaking down healthcare silos and driving real enterprise adoption.

Through our innovative Interoperability Suite and healthcare dApps (Care.Cards), Solve.Care is revolutionizing the industry by connecting all aspects of healthcare in one convenient interface, called Care.Wallet.

The first barrier we must attack is breaking down healthcare silos:

Healthcare is plagued by three major silos:

  1. Data silos
  2. Care silos
  3. Payment silos

We recognize the detrimental impact of these silos and is actively working to dismantle them through our Interoperability Suite and Care.Cards. By eliminating these silos, Solve.Care is paving the way for seamless collaboration and coordination among healthcare stakeholders.

Introducing the Care.Protocol Interoperability Extension (CPIE)

As part of our Interoperability Suite, Solve.Care proudly introduces the Care.Protocol Interoperability Extension (CPIE).

Unlike system-level interoperability that fails to address consumer needs, Solve.Care’s interoperability model revolves around the roles individuals play within each network.

With CPIE, anyone can securely bridge any Electronic Medical Record (EMR) to every consumer for data, transactions, and payments. Whether it’s HL7, FHIR, or ANSI X12 transactions, Solve.Care ensures effortless interoperability.

Automated Interoperability for dApps:

All dApps authored on the Solve.Care platform enjoy automatic interoperability. These dApps can be launched on any network worldwide with a single deployment.

The possibilities with CPIE are endless, as launching dApps on Care.Platform requires minimal coding knowledge, low costs, and minimal development time while maintaining full interoperability.

Solve.Care’s commitment to ease-of-use and interoperability empowers developers to create powerful dApps that seamlessly interact with each other.

Empowering Consumers with Data Ownership:

Solve.Care firmly believes that consumers should have ownership and control over their healthcare data. Through Care.Platform, individuals can share or lease their data with whomever they choose, regardless of the network’s location.

With zero-knowledge roles-based interoperability, consumers can share specific data and grant consent for specialists and prescriptions without revealing their entire healthcare background or personal identity.

Solve.Care’s focus on data privacy and control sets a new standard for healthcare interoperability.

Advancing Borderless Healthcare Networks:

Solve.Care’s vision extends beyond traditional healthcare boundaries.

By embracing complete interoperability with CPIE, healthcare networks can transcend borders and limitations.

Consumers gain access to tools, services, products, and networks from around the world. Data, identity, consent, and transactions flow automatically across all subscribed networks, ensuring comprehensive and inclusive care.

Future-Proof Security and Continuous Updates:

Solve.Care places utmost importance on security and future-proofing its products.

All Solve.Care offerings undergo rigorous security audits, ensuring the protection of sensitive healthcare data.

With regular updates, we stay at the forefront of technological advancements, guaranteeing ongoing compatibility and interoperability with evolving healthcare systems.

Our relentless pursuit of healthcare interoperability and enterprise adoption is transforming the industry.

By breaking down healthcare silos, providing automated interoperability for dApps, empowering consumers with data ownership, and advancing borderless networks, Solve.Care is leading the way towards a more connected and efficient healthcare ecosystem. Solve.Care’s layer 2 Care.Chain has a new validator concept, Proof of Competence (PoC), which will herald the age of enterprise adoption of blockchain technology.

A blockchain validator consensus mechanism is a critical component of any blockchain network as it ensures the integrity and security of the network.

The PoC mechanism keeps its integrity by making it nearly impossible for bad actors to validate the network by enforcing strict requirements to become a validator.

With Solve.Care, the future of web3 and interoperable healthcare is within reach.

We have already seen Solve.Care make integrations with some major players in the space including Omron, Boerhinger Ingelheim, Arizona Care Network.

Your Solve.Care Team.

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