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Why Developers and Domain Experts Should Join Our Community?

To answer this question, we need to explain the idea behind Care.Cards and the CAN economy.


A Care.Wallet is basically an app on your phone, and Care.Cards are like mini-apps inside this app.

Care.Cards analyze the information that you have collected about your health in your Care.Wallet: data gathered from your wearables, your treatment plans, your complaints. Then these cards can provide personalized and actionable content.


A Care.Card may:

  • Help you decide how much insulin you as a diabetic should take after having a heavy breakfast or a passive day.
  • Review your treatment and tell you if there are any combinations of drugs that should not be taken together because of dangerous consequences.
  • Help you pick the best insurance plan and do necessary calculations for you, removing the need to make any calls.

And so on.

The Solve.Care platform is going to offer three types of Care.Cards:

  1. Essential Cards
    The Solve.Care Foundation is going to offer 10–15 Care.Cards that will be free forever and available to every Care.Wallet holder.
    Even if a user hasn’t paid a dime, these free cards will help them organize their care.
    The more people who adopt Care.Wallet, the more people who’ll buy paid cards later.
  2. Sponsored Cards
    These are the cards sponsored by companies to bring their value to Care.Wallet holders. It might be informational cards, discount Cards, drug interaction cards etc.
    The companies who want to get their product, service or knowledge accessible to the future Care.Wallet holders will pay the Solve.Care Foundation for those cards. And we will pay to the community to review and improve those cards to make sure there is real value in them.
  3. Paid Cards
    These are the сards that the community will develop out of their own pocket. So a doctor will have to pay for their card to be developed, verified and published in the marketplace.
    The value will come when people adopt Care.Wallet. The more free cards are published, the more people will adopt the Care.Wallet. The more people in the system, the more sponsors will come in. This will drive the value of the network and increase the number of cards built and reviewed by developers and domain experts.
    Such a cycle creates a self-feeding economy.

So whether you are a sponsor, a developer or a domain expert, you’ll be a necessary and indispensable part of improving and making healthcare accessible around the globe.

Now, to drive that self-feeding economy, we introduce CAN tokens.

Originally posted on Medium.

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