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World Health Day with Solve.Care

“Our Planet, Our Health”. This year’s theme for World Health Day, brought forth by the World Health Organization (WHO), promotes a focus on well-being, equity, and sustainability. According to the WHO, at least 13 million deaths are caused yearly by environmental causes that are avoidable. Understanding that the climate crisis and pollution are also a crisis to the health and well-being of people across the world.

The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the healthcare gaps and inequities all over the world. One of the greatest weaknesses it showed us truly how unequal the distribution of quality healthcare is and the strong connection there is between better healthcare, a better environment, and a better world. We all need to take control of our environment, and for Solve.Care the way we do it is by making sure that anyone around the world is able to take control of their own healthcare. Reintroducing communication and cooperation between patients, caregivers, and healthcare institutions to reduce waste in time, resources, unnecessary procedures, and more.

The healthcare sector is always growing in new and innovative ways and it is important for it to stay up to date with the ever-changing ecosystem of technology and patient care. Blockchain technology promotes the decentralization of many different industries, and for the healthcare sector, it supports the management of logistics and the quality of care in healthcare and health systems.

Other than the obvious advantages of a decentralized healthcare sector with the increased focus on the patient, the approach and implementation of this practice will help support and strengthen disease surveillance systems in the case of outbreaks, improve communication between healthcare professionals or even the general public without regard to borders, which may provide any available leads towards a national and international crisis which would be a boon to epidemiology worldwide.

One of the top goals for the WHO going forward is helping to create sustainable well-being communities where health is equitable. This goal resonates strongly with Solve.Care and our very own mission and vision. The next step of improving healthcare is putting healthcare back into the hands of the patient. By having control over your own health, you can then have control over your environment and, in turn, the planet can become a better place for all.

Here’s to a #HealthierTomorrow, and from all of us at Solve.Care, we wish everyone a Happy World Health Day!

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