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Solve.Care Team is on the ground in Western Ukraine, supporting families seeking refuge from war by providing them safe shelters
Solve.Care Stands with Ukraine
Immediate assistance for Ukrainian families displaced by war.

Solve.Care Team is currently on the ground in Western Ukraine. Working together with local city authorities and volunteers, we are assisting families, women and children who have been displaced by the war by funding the setting up of temporary safe shelters and providing necessities such as food, blankets, beds, and personal hygiene products. We are also setting up a supply chain to bring in additional supplies from Poland, Romania, and Hungary.

We need your help to extend our reach and provide safe shelters in every city in Western Ukraine, as the numbers are expected to go into the hundreds of thousands.


Beds Organized


People Living In Shelters



Artwork of Children Impacted by War. Buy NFTs to Raise Funds for Care Shelter. #StandWithUkraine

Taniya, 12yrs Care Shelter

"I understand that now is a difficult time for everyone and especially for our defenders. They protect our borders and our land, preserve the good and give it to us. We must be like them. I want our society to unite and keep defending together with our heroes"


Tatiana, 12yrs Care Shelter

"My mother told me that people collect parcels for soldiers. I wanted to give them a piece of warmth so that they would feel that every child and adult appreciate and respect them. It is difficult to express my feelings in words and pictures, but I hope that the warrior will smile for a few seconds and rejoice when he sees my picture."


Varvara, 9yrs Care Shelter

"I really want to go home and meet my grandparents. I want to thank the defenders for standing up to the last man and fighting for Ukraine!"

Our three guiding principles
We won't treat Ukrainians as refugees in their own country. They are displaced by war, but they are in their homeland, among their own people.

We will not allow anyone to become a label. We will refer to everyone using their name.

We will provide shelter, necessities, support and time to gather strength.

Families who need help are NOT helpless
They are competent, capable humans with families of children and young adults. Many are professionals like you. A week ago, they had plans for summer vacation in Barcelona or Berlin. Now they are escaping missiles and bombs. They need our help, not pity.

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