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Latest milestones and updates

Since the beginning of the year 2019, Solve.Care has been going strong following the plan for global expansion. The recent…

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Webinar with CEO Pradeep Goel. Summary

Last week, CEO Pradeep Goel hosted two live webinars explaining Solve.Care platform, its mission and the components we are developing,…

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We’ve launched Solve.Care Academy

Solve.Care Academy has opened its doors to young and talented specialists in order to give them the opportunity to practice…

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Solve.Care Superheroes Sticker Pack for Telegram

Solve.Care Telegram sticker pack demonstrates one friendly team of the strongest heroes ready to help people from all over the world.

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The road to the company’s growth. Welcome Solve.Care new employees

Our Recruitment department has hired 22 new employees for the last 2 months.

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Care.Wallet for Physician sneak peek. Meet the icon!

With the upcoming launch of Care.Wallet for Physician, we are eager to present the icon for the app built by Solve.Care!

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CEO Arizona Care Network meets Solve.Care team

Last week, Dr. David Hanekom, CEO Arizona Care Network (ACN) arrived in Kyiv, Ukraine, to meet Solve.Care team and discuss the plan for developing ACN’s partnership with the team and CEO Pradeep Goel.

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August 6th is the last day to submit your Care.Card!

The submission process for designing and building Care.Card prototypes has been extended for 2 more weeks! Many participants were rushing to finish their pieces with only a couple hours left on the clock. Now, whether you’re a UX Designer or React Native Developer, you have more time to finalize your Care.Card project and become a winner on August 15!

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CAN to SOLVE swap starts today!

Solve.Care has recently renamed its token to SOLVE. To switch to the new token from CAN, Solve.Care announces token swap for every CAN holder.

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July company’s update from Solve.Care CEO Pradeep Goel

On Sunday, July 15, CEO Solve.Care Pradeep Goel has shared his look on how the company has grown over the last month

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