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Big announcement. The launch of Care.Wallet for Physician

Care.Wallet for Physician is live on App Store and Google Play!

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Company’s update from Solve.Care CEO, Pradeep Goel

New update from CEO Pradeep Goel is the open response to the community about the most prominent achievements Solve.Care has…

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Panel Discussion at Blockchain Health Summit 2018, Washington DC

During the panel discussion at Blockchain Health Summit, August 14-16, 2018, Washington DC, Solve.Care CEO Pradeep Goel, Arizona Care Network…

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Winners’ Works of the Care.Card UX Contest

Let\’s take a look at the submissions sent by Care.Card UX Contest winners. The members of the Jury picked ten…

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Interview with CEO Pradeep Goel for COIN98

CEO Pradeep Goel and Coin98 Community talked about the accomplishments of the company after the end of its acknowledged token…

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Solve.Care AMA Session #3 with Pradeep Goel

Following the recent update from the company, Solve.Care team addressed the community\’s feedback in the latest Q&A video with CEO…

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Solve.Care Presentation at DAIBC Japan 2018

On July 2-3, 2018 Solve.Care Team visited Asia Digital Asset & Blockchain Congress (DAIBC) in Tokyo, Japan. With his speech…

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Vincent Everts invites everyone to Care.Card UX Contest

Vincent Everts, a founder of Blockchain Innovation Conference, trendwatcher and Solve.Care Advisor, invites everyone to Care.Card UX Contest. Join Today…

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Advisory Board welcomes Vincent Everts!

“I’ve been studying the whole blockchain world for the last 5 years by organizing conferences, doing talks, looking at lots…

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AMA Session with Pradeep Goel, Solve.Care CEO

Check out Live AMA Session with Pradeep Goel, Solve.Care CEO on June 21st, 2018

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