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[MarTechSeries] GDPR Roundtable Part II: Fortify Your GDPR Strategy with Better Compliance and Optimization

This is the Part Two of the GDPR Roundtable

Continuing from our GDPR ROUNDTABLE yesterday, here’s a minute-by-minute detail of our conversation with GDPR experts. You will learn how to handle GDPR Strategy, Compliance and Optimization using Blockchain, AI and data management capabilities.

Ensure Data Privacy with Big Data, Blockchain Look at What Other Countries are Doing

Dave Hodgson, Director and Co-Founder of NEM Venturesthe venture capital and investments arm of the NEM blockchain ecosystem, said, “One year later, I believe the benefits of GDPR will continue to make waves on a global scale. In fact, a lot of companies that do business within the EU and UK are compliant anyway, so it is highly likely something similar will evolve in different regions over time. For example, the Protection of European Commission in Japan is already moving toward GDPR with a formal agreement with the EU, New Zealand is matching it’s Privacy Act to GDPR through an adequacy approach, and Canada has implemented the Data Protection Regime. In the blockchain space, self-sovereign identity has given increased capabilities to individuals for controlling and revoking access.

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