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Lower the costs of chronic disease management
Reduce human suffering while reducing costs
Give members tools to better manage their health
Comply automatically with ever-shifting privacy regulations

Create your own Care Administration Network on the Solve.Care Platform

You’ll be able to connect and sync all parties in one place through Care.Wallets.

How would having your own Care Administration Network (CAN) help you better serve your members?

Consider Member Sasha and her son Raymond, who has a chronic medical condition, and their Provider Dr. Harry. Using the Care.Wallet provided by your Care Administration Network, they are able to:
  • Find providers & make appointments immediately
  • Schedule a ride to get her son’s appointment
  • Instantly report symptoms to keep providers, and even family, in sync
  • Learn about her son’s health condition & how to manage it properly
Member Sasha and
her son Raymond
  • Make and auto approve referrals for Sasha
  • Issue prescriptions & follow compliance
  • Receive timely payment for services provided
  • Instantly submit bills for reconciliation
Dr. Harry

How else can Member Sasha and Provider Harry use Care.Wallet in your Network?

Create your own Care Network, and make your members and providers want to stay with you forever.

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