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Solve.Care is a global healthcare blockchain technology company. Using innovative approaches, we tirelessly work to solve the complex problems that plague healthcare around the world.

The Solve.Care journey began when we realized that the current healthcare system is failing us. Too complex and involving too much bureaucracy, the system is unbearable, even for the healthy. If you or a loved one becomes ill, then you unavoidably become mired in an endless cycle of attempting to coordinate medical care.

For these reasons, we began to build a patient-centric platform, one that actually connects people, and coordinates benefits, care, and payments.

Solve.Care was launched when we acquired UKRSOFT, an IT service company, in 2017. Our experienced team quickly began leveraging UKRSOFT’s 17 years of extensive expertise in researching, developing, deploying, and maintaining enterprise solutions for companies in North America, Europe, and Asia.

Since setting off on our journey, we’ve built a global community of tens of thousands, and growing. Today, the core Solve.Care team numbers over 100 full-time specialists, working worldwide, with hundreds more contractors and advisors.

And our hard work and dedication to our mission is paying off. By 2019, Solve.Care was awarded the Most Innovative Blockchain Project Award at the Blockchain Life 2019 Forum in Singapore.

그리고 이것은 단지 시작일 뿐입니다! "


세계 경제, 기업, 사회, 자녀와 부모님, 그리고 우리 스스로를 위해 더 나은 헬스케어 만들기


수백억 달러의 헬스케어 비용을 절감하고 소비자들에게 권한을 부여 해줌으로써 치료의 조정, 보험금 관리 그리고 모든 이해관계자들을 위한 결제 시스템의 재정립

추구하는 가치

생각, 단어 그리고 행동의
팀, 커뮤니티 그리고 고객을 위해
끊임없는 배움을 통한
매일 행동을 통해 얻어지는
실수를 통해 배우며 결코 반복하지 않는 것으로부터

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