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Engage patients in controlling their healthcare
Make coordinating in-network patient care fast & simple
Give patients incentive to stay inside your network
Reward providers for performance and outcomes instead of services

Create your own Care Administration Network on the Solve.Care Platform to connect and sync all parties in one place

How would having your own Care Administration Network help you better serve your members?

Consider Provider Dr. Jensen and Member Maria, who has a chronic medical condition. Using the Care.Wallet provided by your Care Administration Network, they are able to:
  • See preferred drug lists provided by insurance companies
  • Get the latest protocols for managing high cost conditions
  • Coordinate with other providers & access care guidelines
  • Easily refer patients to in-Network providers for care continuity
  • Review performance metrics and get rewarded for patient health outcomes
Provider Dr. Jensen
  • Receive fast referrals to in-Network providers without calls
  • Schedule appointments and transportation in a few clicks
  • Access the latest self-care guidelines and treatment plans
  • Report health changes and know all providers are instantly updated
  • See in one place all in-Network reports, diagnostics, and prescribed medications
Member Ms. Robinson

How Care.Wallets Can Work for Patients in ACO Networks

Create your own Care Administration Network
Make providers and members want to stay with you forever

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