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What is Solve.Care platform and how it works

Solve.Care is building a platform for healthcare administration, care coordination and payment management, based on innovative technologies such as Blockchain, smart contract, machine learning, and distributed computing.

Solve.Care foundation through its platform is seeking to redefine the healthcare and benefits administration model that exists today in most countries. Solve.Care platform represents an innovative approach of connecting all parties involved into Care Administration Networks with the objective of synchronizing all parties during the complex administrative and care coordination processes.

Healthcare systems are different around the world, but there is hardly a place where care works perfectly for everyone. Many societies struggle with the amount of money that is spent each year on providing healthcare benefits to citizens; while many others struggle with lack of availability of quality care; and almost all need to improve access to best practices and actionable information for their elderly and sick citizens.

Solve care is relevant for all of them as it can be adapted to any healthcare delivery and benefit administration model as well as language and culture. The platform is designed to handle the challenges of managing cost, removing inefficiency, empowering users and avoiding fraud. This is a challenge, for the US and for most countries around the world.

Solve.Care platform combines multiple innovations that work together to address many of the above challenges: Care.Protocol, Care.Wallet, Care.Cards, Care.Coins, Care.Community and Care.Marketplace. These innovative capabilities plus a decentralized benefit administration model using Blockchain, distributed immutable ledgers and smart contracts offers a completely new way to administer and coordinate care around the world.

For example, Care.Coin is an intelligent payment token designed to handle complex healthcare payments. It streamlines the complex 3rd party payment models that require multi-party and multi-stage transactions. Care.Coin is a stable monetary value token designed to optimize billing, review, reconciliation and adjustment of healthcare financial transactions between protocol entities. Care.Coins, as a currency do most of the work of ensuring accurate and timely payments, instead of complex and expensive backend systems.

Another innovation is Care.Protocol which is the foundation of Solve.Care platform and keeps all stakeholders and their wallets, cards and coins, in sync. It represents an alternative approach to the expensive and ineffective model of coordination based on backend system integration.

The system integration approach has been tried unsuccessfully for decades and always falls short of its goals due to cost, time, effort, security and information ownership concerns. And the result is that most societies spend far too much money for far too little value when paying for their healthcare.

Care.Protocol replaces this system integration approach with event-based synchronization and distributed ledgers for a much more effective and efficient model of coordination.

Another very interesting innovation is Protocol Pairs, which defines the relationship between any two stakeholders and encapsulates the rules governing the relationship into smart contracts. Not only does this allow for effective communication and transactions between parties, it allows for 3rd party verification and review without impeding care delivery.

These smart contracts can be reviewed and verified by appropriate parties on the care administration network leading to a completely new way to handle 3rd party payments.

Last but not least, let’s talk about Care.Cards. These are smart applications that can be added to the Care.Wallet and designed to perform a specific purpose very well. But the real excitement comes from the fact that cards can be easily linked to other cards in the same of different wallet, resulting in an intelligent network of cards that can synchronize automatically and deliver an incredible user experience.

Care.Cards can be published for a specific individual or for a large group, for a wide range of functions: to schedule appointments, share clinical data, review bills, make payments, access best care practices, get personalized advice and manage out of pocket costs.

Solve.Care platform is built to be expanded by the Care.Community, which we believe will be the true force behind the transformation of healthcare around the world. Community members will be able to create intelligent, incredible cards and publish them, on the Care.Marketplace for the whole world to download and use. Solve.Care foundation has set aside a significant budget to reward community for innovative cards that can change the way healthcare is accessed and managed.

Finally, let us talk about our Care.Marketplace. It is the appstore for Solve.Care platform where can buy what they need, whether it is a card for sharing clinical data, or token contract for managing payments, or analytic card for stopping fraud and waste or a card to make best care practices accessible to a juvenile diabetic in Asia.

What can be accomplished by the Care.Community is only limited by our imagination.

At Solve.Care Foundation, our mission is to make healthcare and benefit programs work better for everyone. We believe that total cost of administration can be reduced from 15–30% (as it is in the US now) to 3% or less; that third-party administration can be largely automated; that fraud, waste and abuse can be weeded out of the system; and that individuals and care providers can have control and access over their information.

We are working hard to make sure that Solve.Care platform and Care.Community can achieve this mission.

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What is Solve.Care platform and how it works

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