Media Digest #2

With the recent launch of Care.Wallet for Physician, that is being adopted among the 5,500 physician’s network of the largest accountable care organization in the US, attention to Solve.Care’s solution and mission has grown rapidly. Solve.Care receives a massive interest from the crypto and general media worldwide, our mentions demonstrate the level we’ve grown from the top healthcare on blockchain startup to the global health IT company.

The reviews and feedback during the past two months indicate the strong interest and need from the people worldwide in the perfect solution on blockchain for healthcare industry.

The mentions we’ve gathered in the latest digest is the result of the team’s hard work and the incredible community’s support we’ve been receiving since the very beginning of the company’s history. We’ve grown stronger like never before and are not afraid of the challenges waiting for us during the journey to the global elimination of healthcare inefficiencies for the families worldwide.

Meanwhile, take a look at the recent media highlights connected to the launch of our ground-breaking platform for physicians:


CNBC – CEO Pradeep Goel about the importance of blockchain implementation to the healthcare industry

The Fintech Times – Solve.Care CEO, Pradeep Goel, told us about the company’s groundbreaking partnership with the Arizona Care Network and how this is just the first step in revolutionising the healthcare industry on a mass scale.


AMB Crypto – #1 in the list of top healthcare platforms on blockchain

“Solve.Care is at the top of the list for 3 reasons. The product is already on the market. It provides real solutions to all the main industry problems. AND the team has the experience and knowledge to pull it off. They have built a healthcare-specific blockchain that all members of the system will interact with.”

The Fintech Times – #1 in the list of Top healthcare blockchain companies to watch

“Solve.Care, run by CEO Pradeep Goel, is building a blockchain platform which it describes as “combining decentralisation with synchronisation to connect stakeholders with each other and redefine care, cost and convenience for everyone”.”

Wikipedia – #19 in the list of highest funded crowdfunding projects


BTC Manager – Providing Blockchain-based Solutions for the Healthcare Industry

“Solve.Care is committed to starting a revolution in the healthcare industry by merely introducing a platform governed by a distributed ledger system which is capable of cutting costs and streamlining processes within the industry.”

Coindoo – Healthcare on the Blockchain Works, Just Not How You Think

“The US healthcare system spends up to 30% on today. By moving these tasks to a more universal system, the costs can be greatly reduced. Doctors can have more time to spend with patients instead of with insurers. Insurers can reduce overhead well providing faster and more accurate service. A simple healthcare solution is a perfect reminder that blockchain tech can change the world while still preserving the advantages of traditional centralized systems.”

TG Daily – Healthcare’s Hidden Identity Crisis

“Solve.Care’s system would largely eliminate situations that Ford experienced with her medical identity being stolen. Solve.Care’s digital wallet allows the patient to be securely enrolled into the system. Furthermore, they can easily locate in network providers and book appointments. Eligibility information and referrals are also all contained within the secure digital wallet.”


Chamber Business News – Word on the street is blockchain could help fix major issues in the health care industry

“The goal is to use the platform to streamline administrative systems to make healthcare safer and more efficient. This is important, given the headaches faced by physicians in using many different technology solutions – many of which do not talk to each other. This can adversely affect patients and their health.”

Healthcare Informatics – How Blockchain Technology Can Revolutionize Healthcare

“How do providers get better access to patients, deliver the best possible care, and get paid for their services in an accurate and timely fashion? The answer could be found in a game-changing technology called blockchain… This fall, Arizona Care Network, an accountable care organization (ACO) based in Phoenix, and its partner Solve.Care will put blockchain technology to the test. The two organizations will pilot a proprietary platform built by Solve.Care using blockchain technology, along with cloud computing and cognitive learning capabilities that serve as the foundation for smart decentralized healthcare applications called Care.Cards.”

Ibinex – U.S. Healthcare Organization Ease Administrative Pain Points With Blockchain

“U.S. accountable care organization Arizona Care Network (ACN) and Solve.Care Foundation have announced the launch of a proprietary blockchain platform to make healthcare safer, more efficient, and to streamline benefits administration. The platform intends to do these through a blockchain-powered mobile app built called Care.Wallet for Physician. It aims to relieve healthcare administration burdens, as well as cut down waste in the system and enhance healthcare outcomes.”

Cryptoanalytica – Solve.Care Presents Blockchain-based Game Changing Solution to Healthcare Limitations

“The result of a healthcare system augment by blockchain is little to no friction left between patient, administration, payers, and providers as well as development of solutions for payments, authentication and data exchange that fundamentally change healthcare saving patients and providers billions, every year.”


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