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Chief Technology Officer

Chief Technology Officer

Role: Chief Technology Officer

Type: Full-time

Start Date: ASAP

Location: Kyiv, Ukraine

Reports to: Chief Executive Officer

Relocation: Full relocation package and support

Travel: As needed, planned travel to clients and events


Role Description

The Chief Technology Officer is responsible for all technical operations of the company which is organized into 5 departments described below:

  • Product Management

This department is responsible for business analysis, product analysis, solution analysis, product architecture, user experience and development roadmap

  • Product Development

This department is responsible for applying appropriate methodology to estimate, plan and build the Solve.Care platform. Additionally the product development department handles complex interfaces, and for making the platform increasingly more configurable

  • Solution Delivery

This department is client facing, responsible for launching Care Networks on the Solve.Care platform, including care journeys, endpoints and care protocols in accordance with client needs. The key functions include project management, requirements management, configuration management, release management and client communications

  • Client Support

This department provides Level 1 and Level 2 support to clients including management of defects, change requests, product enhancements and issue resolution. This department serves clients globally and has to support clients in multiple time zones and languages.

  • IT and Infrastructure

The IT department handles information security, data center operations, internal LAN/WAN environments, equipment and 3rd party IT services and solutions.

The Chief Technology Officer is part of the executive council comprising of the CEO, CFO, CMO etc. and this council manages all functions of the company globally.


Role Requirements

The Chief Technology Officer role is central to the long term growth and sustainability of the company. We are seeking a highly experienced professional with the following skills and experience:

  • 10+ years of experience in executive roles that are similar/relevant to the described role
  • Direct experience with building products and platforms (not custom solutions)
  • Knowledge of healthcare systems from clinical, administrative or financial perspective
  • Commitment to full time presence in our primary operational location in Kyiv Ukraine
  • Client experience that includes negotiating, managing and delivering large contracts
  • Ability to communicate with and manage teams spanning multiple cultures, & languages
  • Demonstrated ability to handle and manage high growth environment


We will ask you to convince us that you know how to do these things well:

  • Hiring, motivating, developing, and managing teams
  • Creating and managing budgets
  • Choosing the right technology, right methodology, and right amount of processes
  • Managing scope, cost, deadlines, quality and client satisfaction
  • Negotiating to achieve a win-win outcome for all parties
  • Earning trust through effective and timely communications
  • Leading by example


Given our fast growth and global footprint, we have high expectations from this role:

  • Hit the ground running in terms of managing technical operations
  • Be prepared to learn a lot and quickly
  • New projects are coming in fast, so be responsive but always be real
  • Our brand and reputation matters, so do what you say, say what you do
  • Deadlines must be met, no excuses, no exceptions
  • Our people matter the most, so get to know then, then grow them
  • Focus on efficiency and implement processes when they can serve us better


About Solve.Care

Solve.Care is a global technology company that is building a healthcare-on-blockchain platform. Solve.Care platform is patient-centric and connects people, coordinates benefits, coordinates care, and orchestrates real-time payments between multiple parties. Our platform is specifically designed to address many of the complex problems that plague healthcare systems globally.

Our mission is to make healthcare work better for ourselves, our parents, children, society, business, and the global economy. We are not a custom solution development shop, and we are not looking for maximizing IT services revenue. We are a platform company that is building a global community of developers and integrators to deploy our platform in every corner of our planet. Solve.Care is headquartered in Singapore and has a large operation in Kiev Ukraine, where this role is located. Solve.Care also has presence in the US, UK, and Estonia.

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