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DevOps Engineer Senior

DevOps Engineer Senior

Reports To (Title): Engineering Operations Manager

Region: Global

Role purpose (Why does the job exist)? What is there to achieve or deliver?)

The purpose of the DevOps role is to ensure excellence of quality within the development organization by: developing and implementing a well-organized process of checks and balances to ensure that agreed coding and testing principles are scrupulously followed; to minimize conflicts and lack of coordination between the internal departments; to implement and continually improve a better system of unit testing and zero duplicity of code. Further the role is to streamline the development and operation processes and ensure they share a symbiotic relationship thus ensuring that the custom software development process is a smooth one.

Key Responsibilities: (Main Duties and responsibilities of the role)

  •  Interact directly with the Engineering Operations Manager on technology aspects?
  • Automate infrastructure setup and deploy the application
  • Design a stable built system and consistent deployment in a cluster environment
  • Automate scale up and scale down procedures
  • Manage the gathering, storage, and processing of data
  • Automate deployment in Cloud infrastructure
  • Optimize performance from the Cloud architecture/deployment perspective
  • Establish and maintain a system for configuration management
  • Implement CI/CD practices
  • Plan and assignment of activities based on current tasks and priorities
  • Review of Candidates CV and interview of Candidates on DevOps engineer positions

Technical/Professional Qualifications/Requirements:

  • Experience working in DevOps engineering (5+ years)
  • Software IT experience (8+ years)
  • Basic Python scripting experience with knowledge of using Kubernetes APIs
  • Experience with Linux (Ubuntu/CentOS/Amazon Linux)
  • Experience with CI/CD concepts and Jenkins
  • Experience with Docker Swarm containers
  • Experience with RDBMS (MySQL/MariaDB)
  • Experience with MongoDB or similar
  • Experience with AWS infrastructure and configuring secure networks.
  • Experience with Kubernetes (AWS EKS beneficial) with knowledge of CRD’s & rolling deployments.
  • Experience with Ansible, Chef/Puppet or similar configuration management tools
  • Experience in setting up Web Front Applications using S3, CloudFront and related services
  • Experience with Terraform
  • Experience of the AWS Security Suite of tools and other penetration testing software
  • Experience with Apache Kafka
  • Experience with implementing and integrating Security and Compliance standards into deployments
  • Knowledge of other cloud providers eg Azure or GCP (Good to have)
  • Knowledge of 3rd party authentication such as AAD (Good to have)

Additional Technical/Professional Qualifications/Requirements – to include local education and professional qualifications, knowledge, skills, training and experience requirements for the job:

  • Experience with Agile methodologies and engineering practices
  • Upper Intermediate English (required)
  • Outstanding communication skills
  • Great attention to detail and a result driven approach
  • Excellent organizational abilities

Behavioral Competencies (BCs):

Delivering Results

Demonstrating the ability to focuses self and/or team for the purpose of achieving a goal. It is managing and driving performance and professional standards and continually improving and innovating, to deliver exceptional results to agreed time-lines. It is persisting to complete tasks / responsibilities, even in the face of adversity.


Working collaboratively with others to achieve shared objectives. Partners with others to get the job done. Credits others for their contributions. Gains trust and support of others.

Planning & Organizing

Is defining tasks and milestones to achieve objectives (linked to the strategy), while ensuring the optimal use of resources to achieve those objectives. Structures and directs others’ work on projects or programs in an effective manner

Communicating and influencing

Communicating in clear, concise, and compelling ways that inspire, motivate, and engage others, to achieve results.

Problem Solving

Analyzing information and problems in a logical, structured way to ensure sound decisions and smart solutions.

People Management

Developing and building capability and expertise for as a whole, department or team through effective and timely feedback, delegation, training, coaching, development opportunities and networking.

Drives results

Providing direction, delegating and removing obstacles to get work done. Provides clear direction and accountability, Monitors progress by maintaining dialog and decisions on work and results. Provides appropriate guidance and direction based on capabilities.

Optimizes work processes

Knowing the most effective and efficient processes to get things done with a focus on continuous improvement. Identifies and creates the processes necessary to get work done. Separates and combines activities into an efficient workflow. Seeks and implements improvements from small adjustments to complete reengineering.

Solve.Care Values 

  • Integrity of thoughts, words, and actions
  • Respect for our team, community, and clients
  • Innovation through constant learning
  • Trust earned daily through our actions
  • Learning from our mistakes and never repeating them
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