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Product Manager

Product Manager

Reports To (Title): VP Technology

Department: GTHE

Region: Global

Role purpose (Why does the job exist)? What is there to achieve or deliver?)

Manage and guide the success of the product. Define the roadmap and feature definition of products. Provide the deep product expertise required to make sound strategic product decisions and help define a differentiated product vision and deliver unique value based on market/client demands. Clearly articulate the business value to the product team so they understand the intent behind the product and or product release. Work closely with the BD/Sales team to convey the overall product value proposition to the client.

Key Responsibilities: (Main Duties and responsibilities of the role)

  • Responsible for building, managing and growing physician enablement platforms that are provider centric, efficient and help measure revenue
  • Manage and drive the product requirements, documentation and user experience.
  • Develop and execute the product roadmap.
  • Define and drive the product release process and schedule and coordinate all of the activities required to bring the product to market
  • Manage the (inter) dependencies in and across releases to complete release phases and milestones.
  • Defining the requirements for each feature and the desired user experience.
  • Manage the prioritization of features by ranking them against the strategic goals and initiatives.
  • Responsible for working with PMC (Product Management Committee) and keeping PCM fully informed of product road map status managing all necessary related requirements.
  • Directly oversee the user experience and design team.
  • Directly oversee the business analysts’ team.
  • Make sure that all requirements throughout the product are consistent and support the strategic /business goals and vision.
  • Work closely with (development) engineering on the technical specifications and ensure that all stakeholders have the information they need to deliver a complete product to market
  • Work closely with the BD/Sales team to communicate the product/ecosystem value in a compelling manner to the perspective client

Technical/Professional Qualifications/Requirements:

  • Sufficient experience working in an international product development company of which at least 3+ years of experience as a Product Manager
  • Master’s degree in Computer Science or other related field
  • Knowledge of building minimalistic applications that have clean interfaces, focus on simplicity and provider efficiency
  • Knowledge of time motion study in healthcare – duration, steps and movement to accomplish a task
  • Knowledge of EMR systems and shortcomings in these systems
  • Outstanding project management capabilities. Experience with Agile methodologies and engineering practices;
  • Experience with cloud-based, enterprise level products and mobile application development (preferred);
  • Great attention to detail and a results-driven approach
  • Excellent organizational and leadership abilities
  • Skills in productivity, planning and workload management
  • Ability to communicate effectively with all levels of management of the internal and external organisation (client) in an organized, professional manner

Additional Technical/Professional Qualifications/Requirements – to include local education and professional qualifications, knowledge, skills, training and experience requirements for the job:

  • Excellent English
  • Ability to meet tight deadlines and go the extra mile
  • Excellent people management skills – including experience in managing Product Teams across multiple locations

Behavioral Competencies (BCs):

Client Focus is understanding that everything we do, begins, and ends with our clients. We develop technology and products that delight our customers. We make it easy for them to do business with us and we meet and exceed their requirements (whether internal or external clients).

Setting Direction is establishing and setting clear direction and goals for Solve.Care, department, team, and self in line with Solve.Care’s longer-term strategy, vision and values.

Planning & Organising defining tasks and milestones to achieve objectives, while ensuring the optimal use of resources to achieve those objectives. Structures and directs others’ work on projects or programs in an effective manner.

Communicating & Influencing is communicating in clear, concise, and compelling ways that inspire, motivate, and engage others, to achieve results.

Teamwork is working together to achieve results whilst respecting diversity and different perspectives and resolving differences constructively.

People Management is developing and building capability and expertise for self, teams or Solve.Care through effective feedback, delegation, training, coaching, development opportunities and networking.

Delivering Results is managing and driving performance and professional standards and continually improving and innovating, to deliver exceptional results to agree time-lines.

Commercial Acumen is understanding risks, opportunities, and the commercial and financial impact of decisions and actions

Problem Solving is analysing information and problems in a logical, structured way to ensure sound decisions and smart solutions.

Solve.Care Values 

  • Integrity of thoughts, words, and actions
  • Respect for our team, community, and clients
  • Innovation through constant learning
  • Trust earned daily through our actions
  • Learning from our mistakes and never repeating them
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