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Angel Kids Pediatrics Implements Blockchain Healthcare Solution from Solve.Care to Help Mitigate Spread of COVID-19

Healthcare workers use Team.Care Network, a blockchain workforce management solution, to manage COVID-19 and wellbeing reporting

Jacksonville, Florida – Sep 07, 2020 – Global healthcare technology platform Solve.Care today announced that Jacksonville, Florida’s largest pediatric healthcare provider, Angel Kids Pediatrics, has implemented its blockchain based Team.Care Network, a workforce health management solution. Angel Kids Pediatrics will use Team.Care Network to track the wellbeing of its healthcare front-liners and effectively manage COVID-19 reporting.

Angel Kids Pediatrics operates 7 healthcare facilities in Florida, providing quality, personalized, and effective medical care to children.  As cases of COVID-19 continue to climb in Florida and elsewhere throughout the US, implementing Team.Care Network will enable Angel Kids Pediatrics to track and prevent transmission of the virus. This will result in better protection for the children in its care, as well as their families and the healthcare professionals who work with them.

Dr. David Hanekom, Chief Medical Officer of Solve.Care, said, “Solve.Care is proud to have partnered with Angel Kids Pediatrics in rolling out Team.Care Network among its healthcare workforce. Angel Kids Pediatrics has always demonstrated an innovative and progressive approach to healthcare with the intention of always improving patient outcomes. Using blockchain as a platform, enables Solve.Care to provide a level of data security no other solution can match. It is important for organizations to keep their workforce safe and healthy, while ensuring their sensitive healthcare data is secure, as the world continues to fight and overcome this pandemic. I applaud Angel Kids Pediatrics in taking the initiative in safeguarding the wellbeing of their frontline workers, so that they can continue providing essential healthcare services for their patients and their families.”

Team.Care Network is a management tool that helps organizations keep a constant pulse on the overall welfare of their workforce. It also helps mitigate the risk of COVID-19 cases within an organization and protect its employees with real-time status updates pertaining to exposure. For high-risk healthcare workers, this solution is particularly pertinent.

Dr. Ashraf Affan, Medical Director of Angel Kids Pediatrics, said, “Studies have shown that young children are less prone to being infected with COVID-19. However, once infected, although less likely to become ill, they are twice as likely to transmit the virus compared to adults.”

“Our patients don’t come in on their own. They are brought in by their parents, who are more at risk of contracting the virus. One of the best ways to help contain this pandemic is through the timely sharing of knowledge and focusing on prevention. We have a responsibility to our patients and their families to keep them as safe as possible. We employ the strictest protocols to ensure that our healthcare facilities remain sanitized and free of the virus.

“Team.Care Network from Solve.Care provides us with real-time reporting on the health status of our healthcare workers, including COVID-19 test results, even before they come in to work. Through this reporting, we are able to make the necessary medical decisions and actions to protect the health and welfare of the rest of the workforce and our patients and their families,” concluded Dr. Affan.

The benefits of blockchain technology in healthcare applications are many. Because of its immutable nature, it provides unmatched security, transparency, and audibility. When used in healthcare, it will lead to greater efficiency, scalability, data security and privacy protection, lower costs, and the significant elimination of fraud, among others.

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