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Announcing the Results of the 2019 Care.Card Design Contest

Singapore – November 04, 2019 – Solve.Care has concluded its second Care.Card Design Contest 2019 with great success and community involvement. This online global competition allows UX and UI designers to have a real-life impact on healthcare, be exposed to famous UX and UI designers, and receive recognition on design platforms, healthcare media, and Solve.Care corporate channels. The 2019 Contest began on August 20, 2019 and lasted 72 days. 698 UX/UI designers from 73 countries participated.

The jury for the Care.Card Design Contest 2019 consisted of five UX and UI industry leaders and influencers: Melissa Douros, Eric Reiss, Martina Mitz, Dorjan Vulaj, and Lizzie Kelly-Dyson. On October 31, following a one-week judging process, the jury selected the three winning protoypes and notable entries. The $3,000 first-place prize went to Abhas Bhargava. The $2,000 second-place prize was awarded to Alina Rapp. The $1,000 third-place cash prize was awarded to Anastasiia Teslenko.

The jury also recognized 10 participants who created notable Care.Card prototypes. Amaan Awati and Sagarika Chadawar, Alex Gilinskyi, Andy Pham, Antonina Matiienko, Artem Kysylov, Igor Adamenko, Ira Andreyeva, Karolina Kolodziej, Nadya Felisha, and Roman Sheludko each receive their choice of a UX/UI online design course or a gift card from a multinational technology company, and the chance to have their design implemented on the Solve.Care Platform.

Care.Card Design Contest participants were tasked with creating a unique How Are You Feeling Today (HAYFT) Care.Card, Solve.Care’s revolutionary solution to improving communication between everyone involved in a healthcare journey. All submissions were required to have a clickable prototype completed using the Figma, Invision, or Marvel design program and a PDF presentation of the solution. The Care.Cards were to be designed with the elderly, the young, and families in mind.

The purpose of Solve.Care’s HAYFT Care.Card is to connect patients, doctors, and care coordinators in a single ecosystem. This ecosystem makes disease management easier for all parties, simplifying and resolving healthcare administration and coordination issues. The HAYFT Care.Card also allows users to keep friends, family, and others in sync on their health.

The Care.Card Design Contest 2019 is the second that Solve.Care has sponsored. The Care.Card Design Contest 2018 lasted 55 days, attracted 290 participants, and produced 10 winning designs.

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