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Chainlink and Solve.Care Collaborate to Deliver Greater Transparency and Compliance to Healthcare

Blockchain oracles for the healthcare sector to improve care and outcomes for patients worldwide

New York, 19 October, 2020: Chainlink, the blockchain-agnostic decentralized network, today announced a collaboration with Solve.Care to provide oracles for the healthcare sector.

Chainlink provides oracle services for blockchain smart contracts, connecting them with verified real-world data, events and payments.

Solve.Care is the global healthcare platform that uses Blockchain that connects patients, care providers, and payers, facilitates better access to healthcare, improves quality of care and lowers overall cost of care, while dramatically improving patient and care provider experience.

By working together, the two companies aim to deliver greater transparency, better compliance, and enable better decision making for patients and doctors worldwide.

Commenting on the integration, Solve.Care CEO Pradeep Goel remarked, “This integration brings together the two leading companies in their respective fields; Chainlink for oracles and Solve.Care for healthcare. By working together, we will be able to achieve greater levels of transparency, auditability, and compliance in healthcare delivery. This is a game-changer, and I believe that it will lead to greater adoption of blockchain in the healthcare sector.”

In addition to providing oracles for Solve.Care platform, Chainlink will also provide oracle services for the healthcare DeFi framework that Solve.Care is pioneering. Set to launch later this month, the DeFi framework will use Chainlink oracles to constantly measure the performance of various assets pools and healthcare financial projects.

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