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EMEDI Healthcare’s Smart Ring to be Integrated onto Solve.Care’s Healthcare Blockchain Platform

Partnership between the two companies part of Solve.Care’s business expansion plans in South Korea. 

Incheon, South Korea – July 27, 2022 – Solve.Care, a healthcare blockchain platform company, has partnered with EMEDI Healthcare to increase the functionality and data security of their Smart Ring. EMEDI Healthcare is a subsidiary of ZTACOM, a Korean high-tech company specializing in IoT networks and devices. 

The Smart Ring is currently undergoing medical devices class2 clinical trials, and is a result of joint development with top medical staff and experts from Gachon University Gil Medical Center, Yeonsei University College of Engineering and Kosleep Sleep Clinic.

Core functionalities of the Smart Ring include:

  1. Remote monitoring of vital healthcare data: This includes respiratory rate, heart rate, body temperature, and SpO2 levels
  2. Health management: Step count and exercise intensity management, and analysis of data from daily movement, rest, and sleep
  3. Sleep pattern analysis: Prediction of insomnia, snoring, sleep apnea, and narcolepsy with measurements of deep sleep, light sleep, and nap times
  4. Stress analysis: Detection through sleep activity and heart rate variation (HRV)
  5. Multiple party monitoring: Involving friends, loved ones, family members, doctors, and caregivers in the user’s healthcare and wellbeing journey
  6. Emergency notification: Sudden changes in heart rate, respiration, body temperature, with a fall detection built-in can be programmed to notify emergency services or loved ones

The integration will result in users’ healthcare data stored on their own secure decentralized blockchain enabled patient nodes with complete control over whom they provide consent to share their sensitive data with. The Smart Ring is seen as an important medical device to be used for providing key medical insights on the user’s health condition to healthcare providers in the upcoming metaverse hospital in South Korea. The Smart Ring can be purchased using SOLVE tokens, once launched, on Solve.Care’s Care.Marketplace, a crypto enabled online store dedicated to healthcare. 

Solve.Care CEO Pradeep Goel said, “The healthcare technology being developed in South Korea is very exciting, and the Smart Ring is an example of that. By partnering with likeminded and forward-thinking companies like EMEDI Healthcare, users of the Solve.Care Platform will be able to easily access a whole eco system of interoperable healthcare networks for whatever their healthcare needs are.” 

CEO of EMEDI Healthcare Beom-yong Lee said, “It Is our vision to build a digital AI healthcare system through the Smart Ring. By incorporating Solve.Care’s blockchain technology, users of our Ring can have peace of mind that their healthcare data is secure, be in better control of their healthcare journey, and have more effective consultations with their doctor, while being assisted by the use of AI.”

This news follows the recent announcement by the company that it had been appointed as the blockchain advisors to the Metaverse Doctors Alliance and that the SOLVE token would be adopted as the payment currency of choice for healthcare services in South Korea’s upcoming metaverse hospital. 

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