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Global Telehealth Exchange Expands to India, Providing Opportunities for Local Doctors to Practice Internationally

Indian-based Healthlink Technologies to assist in market roll-out of the blockchain telehealth solution

Singapore – 1 April 2021 Global Telehealth Exchange (GTHE), a blockchain telehealth solution developed by global healthtech company, Solve.Care, which enables the delivery of virtual health services irrespective of geographic borders, has today announced its expansion plans for India. Locally registered doctors in India can now sign-up for this global service to expand their practice both within the country and internationally.

To accelerate the roll-out of GTHE in the region, Solve.Care will partner with Healthlink Technologies, an Indian healthtech company helping doctors streamline manual processes. Healthlink will assist Solve.Care in both marketing and regulatory compliance.

With demand for virtual health services soaring following COVID-19 restrictions around the world, the GTHE offers medical professionals an easy, reliable, and secure solution where they can deliver their services anywhere in the world, expanding their reach beyond their local practice to serve a much wider population and thus breaking down geographical barriers between doctors and patients. The announcement comes following the Indian Ministry of Health and Family’s release of new guidelines for telemedicine practice in March 2020, which aims to accelerate the use of telehealth in the country.

GTHE is built using the latest state-of-the-art blockchain technology. It also acts as a global directory, and once the doctors complete a strict verification process, they can set and publish their own rates, credentials, availability, and start accepting appointments from patients anywhere in the world (where legislation permits). Thanks to the GTHE’s decentralized technical architecture, all sensitive information is stored with unparalleled security. GTHE is revolutionary, as access to patient medical records and data are owned and controlled by the patients themselves. This allows patients to easily view and share their medical histories with medical professionals in a secure environment without worrying that their information could be compromised. This also eliminates time and cost wastage on unnecessary and repeated medical tests, making healthcare delivery more efficient.

Dr. Bhagwant Singh Ratta, a Pediatric Surgeon and Urologist with 30 years’ experience, and Director of Healthlink Technologies, said, “The current ratio of one doctor to 1,445 people – below the 1:1000 WHO’s recommended ratio – means that Indians have trouble accessing the proper healthcare they need. The introduction of a worldwide telehealth solution such as GTHE is sorely needed in the country. GTHE will increase efficiency, enabling doctors to see more patients in a shorter period of time. Furthermore, the acute shortage of doctors in rural areas will no longer be an issue, as doctors in cities can easily provide teleconsultation services to those in the underserved less populated areas.”

Pradeep Goel, CEO of Solve.Care, the developer of the GTHE said, “The provision of healthcare services can no longer be confined to in-person appointments. Over the past year the pandemic has resulted in a surge of demand for virtual appointments. By taking advantage of the characteristics and benefits of blockchain technology, Solve.Care has been able to develop a global telemedicine solution that is reliable, scalable, secure, and easy to use, to fill both the current demand and the expected huge growth for telehealth services.”

Doctors in India interested in expanding their practice can sign up on GTHE by visiting

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