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Healthcare Metaverse Set to Take Off With the Launch of the Metaverse Doctors Alliance in South Korea.

Solve.Care offers blockchain technology support to create virtual care networks in the Metaverse

Seoul, Korea – December 17, 2021 – The Metaverse Doctors Alliance (MDA) was launched yesterday in South Korea, a first of its kind metaverse gathering in the healthcare sector. Solve.Care was proud to be the only blockchain company invited to speak and present its blockchain healthcare platform at the event. During the launch, the Company announced that with the recent introduction of their new network authoring portal Care.Labs, its intention to provide a Korean offering in local language to support the MDA. This will ensure the best provision of creating virtual care networks using blockchain as the coordination fabric.

The Solve.Care virtual booth in the Metaverse: Interacting with event visitors

The Metaverse brings the promise of a more equitable healthcare industry with possibilities such as virtual reality care with no barriers, avatars to protect patient privacy, clinical representations of patients, and an easier enforcing of physician rights. During the event, participants were able to enter the MetaClinic Metaverse to explore its capabilities as well as have virtual consultations with healthcare practitioners there.

Speaking at the event, CEO of Solve.Care, Pradeep Goel expressed, “We are honored to be the sole blockchain company invited to this groundbreaking launch. The world is preparing for the Metaverse, and the benefits it can offer, extends to the healthcare sector. It will bring a greater chance of accessible, world-wide, equitable healthcare. As blockchain allows us to solve the underlying root causes of the issues in healthcare, such as self-sovereign identity, security of data and health record management, fraud, consent management, and so on, it needs to be the base technology used to solve the overall management challenges experienced by healthcare today.”

CEO Pradeep Goel speaking at the MDA launch

Solve.Care is working with emerging cutting-edge blockchain technologies on a decentralized healthcare platform to change the world for the better. The company looks forward to working with the MDA as well as physicians, patients, employers, insurers, and government agencies to address the difficult problems prevalent in healthcare.

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