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INHA University and Solve.Care Launch Web3 Courses for use in Healthcare and Public Programs

Courses to give students the knowledge to create next generation digital networks using blockchain technology.

Incheon, South Korea, 14 February 2023: Inha University and Solve.Care the healthcare platform company that leverages blockchain to deliver better care, today announced the launch of a program of specialized Web3 courses dedicated to the betterment of healthcare and public program.

Courses will start in March, next month, and upon completion of the program, students will be equipped with the necessary knowledge to reimagine, redefine, and enhance next-generation Web3 digital health networks. Courses are to be conducted by both Inha University’s faculty members, as well as industry experts from Solve.Care. This allows students to take advantage of both academic and professional knowledge. The course syllabus covers theory and practical components.

Jungeun Kim, head of Inha University’s Blockchain Center said: “The new program of courses we are introducing together with Solve.Care is a good example of the purpose of the Industry-Academic Department. We want students to benefit from learning blockchain technology that is actually applied in the real world. This will give them invaluable experience and knowledge in starting a business or finding employment in their related fields.”

Dr. Uhn Lee, Solve.Care Korea President said: “The promise of digital health will transform the way we experience healthcare. It will transform how we access healthcare, how healthcare will be delivered to us at home, and how much we can do for ourselves. Our goal is to make healthcare work better for both the patient and the doctor and that’s what Solve.Care is all about. South Korea is a key market for us, given the government’s support in digital adoption and readiness to embrace innovation. This collaboration with Inha University enables Koreans to have the necessary skillsets to build on our already excellent healthcare system, to reimagine it for the better.”

This initiative is a result of an agreement signed by Inha University and Solve.Care to advance blockchain use in September last year. Further collaborations are being planned for the future.

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