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Jami Berger, Arizona Care Network, announced as a part of Care.Card UX Contest jury

US, Delaware – July 25, 2019 — The Care.Card UX Contest by Solve.Care welcomes Executive Director at Arizona Care Network (ACN), Jami Berger, to the judge’s panel. The contest judges are tasked with picking the best prototypes from all of the contest submissions and awarding prizes accordingly. The goal of the contest was to involve UX designers and React Native developers from all over the world in the development of Care.Cards, dApps that automate healthcare processes inside the Care.Wallet ecosystem.

As a judge, Berger brings 20 years of experience in the healthcare industry. Her current position at ACN involves providing oversight of and direction for ACN operations through collaboration with senior and physician leadership. She is also a member of ACN Executive Leadership. Berger is excited to be a part of the Care.Card UX Contest and motivated participants with the following words:

“Health is something that impacts everyone – the young to old, the poor to wealthy, the white collar to the blue collar. And when we are our most vulnerable is when we need to access complex and convoluted healthcare systems. We want to hear how you can make this better for all of us – how would you make it less complex – how would you change healthcare access – how will you be an innovator!”

The healthcare administration blockchain platform designed by Solve.Care will rely heavily on the Care.Cards created in the contest. As such, and because healthcare administration issues are a problem worldwide, the company has sought global participation, stating that the mission behind the Care.Card UX Contest is to “create a strong and large community of creators, developers from all over the world, interested in the implementation of brand new technologies into the industry we all are affected by, which is healthcare.”

Care.Card UX Contest participants have to meet the challenge of designing or building a complete Care.Card dApp. They can choose one, two, or all three categories of Care.Cards and must follow the technical requirements provided on the event’s official website. Contestants can choose from different levels of participation.

General participation requires a duo of a UX designer and a React Native developer to build a working version of a Care.Card that will function inside an Expo-based app.  UX designers can also present an interactive design as solo participants via the “Best Clickable Prototype” category. Top prizes for the winners of the Care.Card UX Contest reach up to 100,000 SOLVE tоkеns for first place in each category, with prizes awarded to second and third places in each category as well.

Solve.Care has finished its token sale completely sold out of all 350,000,000 SOLVE tоkеns issued for sale. The company’s crowdsale has been repeatedly called the most successful campaign of the year. More than 30,000 people participated in the sale at the price of $0.07-0.1 per token. After SOLVE tоkеn purchases were checked in a comprehensive audit by a certified third-party audit firm, the token is on the road to becoming transferable.


The Solve.Care platform is a revolutionary healthcare administration platform designed for use by patients, employers, physicians, healthcare organizations, and insurance companies. The purpose of the platform, which is driven by blockchain technology, is to eliminate current issues in healthcare, including inefficiencies, delays in care, insurance fraud, and wasteful spending in the industry.

The platform injects unprecedented levels of accountability and transparency into the administration of care, improving the efficiency and effectiveness of care delivery. Strategic communication channels are also fundamental to the platform. Privacy is a priority of these channels as is the facilitation of timely coordination between physicians, pharmacies, providers, and patients.

The goal of the platform is to benefit all stakeholders involved in the healthcare system by replacing inefficient and duplicative systems with intelligent automation to save billions of dollars in costs per year. Patients are empowered to manage their healthcare decisions. Employers can use the platform to administer benefits, reduce costs, and reward their employees. Physicians and hospitals can issue prescriptions, manage appointments, and coordinate with specialists.

Solve.Care has signed a multi-year contract for its decentralized healthcare administration platform with Arizona Care Network (ACN), a leading accountable care organization (ACO) in the US with a network of more than 5,000 physicians covering 250,000 members.

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