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KuCoin adds SOLVE-USDT Pair to its Trading Platform

Tallinn, Estonia – September 17, 2020 – Solve.Care ($SOLVE), the global healthcare platform company that utilizes blockchain to streamline the way healthcare is delivered and managed, today announced that its native SOLVE token is now paired with USDT on KuCoin’s trading platform. KuCoin is one of the world’s most popular trading platforms and has over 8 million registered users across 207 countries and regions around the world. Prior to today’s announcement, SOLVE was available on the platform with a SOLVE/BTC pair.

SOLVE is the company’s digital token that has many uses on the Solve.Care Platform. On the Platform, dApps are created to simplify access to care, reduce administrative burdens, and reduce costs associated with inefficiency endemic in the current healthcare system. As an open platform, developers are rewarded in SOLVE when they create, operate, or sell their dApps on the platform. Patients also use SOLVE to pay physicians for the many healthcare services that operate on the Solve.Care Platform. The platform brings real users to the blockchain and crypto industry, facilitating mass adoption by the general public.

Commenting on the announcement, Director of Marketing and Communications for Solve.Care, Mariya Ozadovskaya, said, “Users of the Solve.Care Platform now have an additional avenue to obtain SOLVE. Solve.Care’s underlying mission has always been to improve accessibility to affordable healthcare for the benefit of the patient. Easy access to the SOLVE token plays an integral part in that mission as it is key in streamlining and removing frictions in healthcare payments. An example of this is when patients use SOLVE to pay physicians for cross-border teleconsultations on the recently launched Global Telehealth Exchange. Physicians are able to receive immediate payments, bypassing the need for forex exchanges or paying bank charges.”

This news follows a number of significant announcements from the company, including the launch of Global Telehealth Exchange for India and the appointment of Salud Blockchain as the official distributor of GTHE for Latin America.

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