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New Company, Global Telehealth Incorporated, Established to Bring Decentralized Global Healthcare Teleconsulting Network to the World

Global Telehealth Exchange is the world’s first cross border blockchain telehealth network that is built on Solve.Care’s decentralized healthcare digital platform.

Cheyenne, WY, 03 March 2022 Global Telehealth Incorporated (GTHI) announced its plans of being the operator of the world’s first global teleconsulting network of licensed medical practitioners, enabling virtual healthcare on-demand across national borders. GTHI has been established with the primary mission of taking healthcare to the next level, using the proven blockchain platform powered by global healthtech company, Solve.Care. GTHI is incorporated in Wyoming, USA, allowing the company to take advantage of the state’s strong support for blockchain innovation. 

Global Telehealth Exchange (GTHE) started in 2021 as an initiative of Solve.Care – to establish a global telehealth network where healthcare providers and patients anywhere in the world can connect seamlessly and provide a better remote standard of care. The exchange allows patients secure virtual access to doctors and healthcare professionals anywhere, providing greater choice, reducing waiting times and expenses. The blockchain platform, which GTHE operates on, allows for patient medical and demographic data to be owned and controlled by the patient, with an ability to participate in accessing state-of-the-art virtual healthcare solutions and the ability to use secure digital payment options for all transactions.

The SOLVE token, the native digital currency of Solve.Care’s healthcare platform, may be used for digital payment transactions. The token can be purchased directly through Care.Wallet, Solve.Care’s healthcare management app. This is just one example of Solve.Care bringing utility of digital currencies to the real world. 

GTHI’s newly appointed VP of Operations, Sujata Kumaraswamy will be responsible for the general operations for the company. Prior to joining GTHI, Ms. Kumaraswamy accrued over 15 years of experience in healthcare IT, including several leadership roles. She has led multiple technology implementations in healthcare and hospital systems and also founded a virtual healthcare and population management company in 2015 and will now be overseeing the company’s roll out of the world’s first blockchain based telehealth service.

Ms. Kumaraswamy said, “We are thrilled to begin this exciting new venture with the help of Solve.Care. By taking advantage of Solve.Care’s proven decentralized healthcare platform, it allows us to give virtual care to all. Anyone can receive the care they rightfully deserve, at any place. We look forward to bringing virtual care available on demand and availability of care anywhere.” 

CEO of Solve.Care, Pradeep Goel stated, “We are looking forward to seeing the impact our collaboration can have for easily accessible healthcare services that are secured by blockchain technology. We appreciate that Sujata and GTHI understand how decentralized networks can benefit this industry and are using this modern technology to revolutionize telehealth and take it to the next level.”

In her new role as VP of Operations with GTHI, Ms. Kumaraswamy’s main initial responsibilities will be to build the company in its chosen location of Wyoming. The decision to be based in Wyoming was a strategic one driven by several factors. Wyoming stands out as the most blockchain-friendly state, where officials recognize the potential of the technology and are invested in its future development. In choosing Wyoming as its headquarters, GTHI has found strong support from the state government. 

GTHI is now excited to embark upon its expansion plans in 2022 as a newly-established entity and will continue working towards its central ambition of becoming the top choice for patients and physicians seeking a teleconsulting solution in every country of the world. 

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