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Solve.Care Academy Concludes Second React Native Course to Develop Young Talent

Following the two-month intensive course, four graduates have secured full-time positions at Solve.Care

Kyiv, Ukraine – December 3, 2019 – Solve.Care Academy, an educational program run by Solve.Care, has concluded its second React Native course. The course gives young specialists and recent graduates the opportunity to gain professional training and serves to foster new developing talent for Solve.Care’s operational center in Kyiv, Ukraine. Following a rigorous two months of bi-weekly testing and the successful completion of a final exam, the four highest-performing graduates were offered the opportunity to join the Solve.Care team as junior frontend developers.

The graduates are currently onboarding at Solve.Care, the global healthcare company which leverages blockchain technology for the administration, coordination, and payments of healthcare benefit. They join an already diverse and talented team, which includes the top three graduates from Solve.Care’s inaugural UX/UI Design course which ended in June.

Commenting on her experience during the React Native course, Olga Yatsuk, one of the four newly hired graduates, said, “By participating in Solve.Care Academy and graduating from the React Native course, I’ve had the chance to take part in a life-changing opportunity. I’ve learned new technologies and techniques, and my mentor taught me how to use software, such as Redux, to build better quality apps. I’m very excited to start working with Solve.Care.”

Solve.Care Operations Manager and Academy Organizer Volodymyr Dyomkin commented on the React Native course, saying, “We are teaching more than just technology at Solve.Care Academy. It is also essential that our students embody the Solve.Care culture and mindset, and, as graduates of the program, come to fully grasp the disposition and aptitude required for working in a global company. Instilling our values into each class, we teach students how to be professionals in their field and operate in a dynamic environment. We’re delighted to welcome four of the recent graduates to the team.”

The latest React Native class consisted of ten students chosen through a highly competitive selection process. Solve.Care Academy currently offers one specialty course every two months, with Business Analysis and DevOps programs scheduled to begin next cycle. The current program is the third delivered by the Academy. The first React Native course was completed in January 2019 with the four top graduates accepting positions in Development. In the future, Solve.Care Academy will offer multiple courses simultaneously.

Specialists and young graduates who are interested in receiving more information about Solve.Care Academy courses should visit: or contact [email protected].

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