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Solve.Care Academy launched to get younger generations involved in developing innovative IT solutions

Solve.Care Academy gives young specialists and recent graduates the opportunity to gain professional training and potentially work at Solve.Care, global healthcare IT company.

US, Delaware – February 14, 2019 — Solve.Care Academy has opened its doors to young and talented specialists in order to give them the opportunity to practice their skills and potentially join the Solve.Care mission, “making healthcare simple for every man, woman, and child.”

Solve.Care is launching a healthcare on blockchain platform to reshape the conservative healthcare systems around the world. Solve.Care uses blockchain technology for the transparent, efficient, and fraud less administration of healthcare on a global scale.

Solve.Care Academy offers younger generations a two-month intense training on domain and technology that will help them upgrade the necessary skills for working in a healthcare-on-blockchain industry. Course options offered by the Academy include React Native training, DevOps, UX design, Sales, and Business Development, among others. Once the student concludes the program, with the provision that they successful complete their final exam, they are offered a full-time job at Solve.Care.

The founder of the Academy and Solve.Care CEO, Pradeep Goel is excited about the fresh outlook the next generation of world changers will bring into the company: “We are investing in the future of the company by investing in the future generations. Solve.Care is the healthcare platform of the future, the one that will transform healthcare for many families around the world, so it is only logical for us to involve young adults to make it happen. They have a greater premise to change the things that were previously done with the very conservative and bureaucratic approach. The new generation of the adults deserves the education, knowledge, and the opportunity to become the leaders of the change.”

The first students of Solve.Care Academy have graduated from the React Native course and 4 of them have passed the interview and started working as Junior React Native Developers. One of the students shared his feedback about the educational process: “It was one of the greatest opportunities of my life! We have been working for two months and have improved our knowledge and skills of coding to the unbelievable level. The job offer from Solve.Care is everything I could ever dream of. This bootcamp gave me more during these 2 months than my university have ever taught me for the last 4 years.”

The course teachers are highly qualified domain experts with 10+ years of experience and the CEO Pradeep Goel has over 25 years of experience working in healthcare IT. Pradeep has built four companies and worked on healthcare initiatives for two US Presidents. The initiatives were aimed at designing and building solutions for public programs like Medicaid and Medicare. Pradeep will give lectures at Solve.Care Academy explaining and highlighting the importance of the work that is being done in the company and how that work is changing the global healthcare industry.
Solve.Care Academy launched in Q3 2018. In 2019, the company expects dozens of graduates to start working at the company.


Solve.Care has brought a highly innovative healthcare administration and care coordination platform to the market. Solve.Care platform uses blockchain technology as the underlying distributed ledger for coordinating care, benefits and payments between the patient, doctor, pharmacy, laboratory, employer, insurer, and all other parties.

Employers can use the platform to administer benefits, reduce costs, and reward their employees. Physicians and hospitals can issue prescriptions, manage appointments, and coordinate with a specialist. Insurers can coordinate benefits, make timely and accurate payments and reduce administrative friction and overall cost. And patients can access and coordinate care for themselves and their loved ones, easily and effectively.

For more information about the company, please go to or contact us via email at [email protected].

Media Relations: Mariya Ozadovskaya, Head of Marketing and Strategy, [email protected]

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