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Solve.Care and DeHRA Partner to Revolutionize Health Record Access Through Decentralization

Tallinn, Estonia, July 20, 2023Solve.Care, a leading global healthcare technology company that leverages blockchain to improve healthcare, is pleased to announce a partnership with DeHRA (Decentralized Healthcare Records Access), an initiative to unleash the power of health data with patient privacy and autonomy as the highest priority. This collaboration will result in the establishment of a groundbreaking decentralized network that streamlines the implementation, and improves the accuracy and outcomes, of clinical trials. This is achieved by providing secure access to unparalleled comprehensive health records and simplifying patient recruitment based on clinical data.

A renowned provider of a decentralized digital healthcare platform (Care.Platform) for healthcare applications utilizing blockchain technology, Solve.Care brings its expertise and experience to enable the rapid development of healthcare solutions. By leveraging blockchain-mitigated transactional processing, Solve.Care ensures the utmost security and efficiency in handling health data. As with any Care.Network built with Care.Platform, all transactions on this new network will utilize the platform’s native token, SOLVE token.

DeHRA is a purpose-built entity for collaboration with Solve.Care founded by Dr. Yuri Ostrovsky, a neuroscientist turned digital health technologist. The DeHRA network is set to revolutionize patient-controlled access to health record data. Driven by the key principles of privacy and security, the DeHRA network eliminates the necessity to share data outside of a cryptographically secure data enclave.

For the first joint project, the DeHRA Clinical Trial Network (CTN) will enable cross-institutional collation of patient data for clinical research studies and help recruit study participants fitting specific inclusion and exclusion criteria from a growing pool of patients providing their consent. This partnership aims to introduce a new era of transparency and trust in healthcare, benefiting patients, researchers, and healthcare providers alike.

“We are thrilled to work together with DeHRA to advance the transformation of the healthcare industry,” said Pradeep Goel, CEO at Solve.Care. “By combining our technical capabilities and the patient-centric approach of the DeHRA network, we aim to create a secure and decentralized network that revolutionizes health record access and empowers individuals to take control of their health data, while providing unprecedented ease of access to necessary data for healthcare service providers.”

Dr. Yuri Ostrovsky, founder of DeHRA said, “We recognized that a new approach was needed to unleash the potential of digital health tools to improve clinical research and patient care. Solve.Care’s Care.Wallet technology coupled with our unique patient-controlled system for distributed data access and processing will enable a new generation of cryptographically secure applications that were impractical before.”

Solve.Care and DeHRA are committed to delivering a platform that ensures the highest level of privacy, security, and accessibility for healthcare data. Development of this groundbreaking technology is already underway, with a targeted launch of the network expected by the end of 2023. With 458,241 studies and clinical trials currently registered worldwide, according to, the DeHRA CTN has a great opportunity for growth.

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