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Solve.Care and EarthID Sign Agreement to Combine the Power of Decentralized & Multi-faceted ID for Healthcare.

Tallinn, Estonia: – February 02, 2023 – Solve.Care and EarthID today announced they have formed a partnership to work together to empower individuals to have better control of their identity data for use in the healthcare industry. Solve.Care is a digital healthcare platform company that leverages blockchain to deliver better care, while,  EarthID is a multi-award-winning Web3.0 focused company helping organizations prevent identity-frauds, drive compliance, and optimize costs, while empowering users with data-ownership, privacy, and consent.

The collaboration will enable individuals to aggregate all data related to their identity for healthcare purposes, while maintaining complete control. They will be able to share portions of their identity data that is specific to the needs of the relevant healthcare stakeholders. This will result in lower risk for the individual,  as well as for the person or party receiving the information. It is a bilateral risk management which will reduce the risk for the receiver from a governance and compliance perspective. They will receive only the necessary data that is required, protecting them from unnecessary exposure. In addition, every action is recorded on the blockchain, therefore making it traceable and auditable.

The use of identity data in the healthcare industry is a very complex issue. It is multi-faceted. Different healthcare stakeholders view the same individual differently. Depending on the stakeholder, the identity data associated with an individual will be different, from insurance plans, to employee sponsored benefits, to various health records, to financial records for billings and payments, and the list goes on.  In the current system, these different IDs are spread across different databases controlled by 3rd parties, and the individual has to remember and managed all their various IDs.

Solve.Care CEO Pradeep Goel said, “In each individual’s Care.Wallet, we are providing a complete and comprehensive multi-faceted ID for each person. Care.Wallet is our healthcare management app that enables users to take control of their healthcare journey.  And with Care.Wallet, users can share a specific facet of their ID with a service provider, without having to compromise the rest of their information. Working with EarthID, with their expertise in decentralized ID and verification of credentials, we are bringing a valuable solution to market. It is a solution that combines the power of verification of credentials, multi-faceted ID, and decentralized ID. In doing so, we are creating a beneficial ID management system for healthcare which every individual and healthcare stakeholder can easily use.”

EarthID CEO Priya Guliani commented, “EarthID platform ensures data ownership, privacy and consent, so the users don’t have to worry about their sensitive data being mishandled or misused. Healthcare is a data rich industry, however, it suffers from data silos and data security challenges. EarthID’s partnership with Solve.Care will enable a vibrant future where individuals can control their healthcare data to receive better and personalized care. It will also foster trust between the patients and healthcare professionals using tamper-proof and privacy-enabled digital ID and credentials.” 

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