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Solve.Care and Hippocrat Forge Strategic Alliance to Enhance Self-Custody of Healthcare Data in Korea

Seoul, South Korea — Solve.Care, a global healthcare blockchain technology company, and Hippocrat, a pioneer in patient-centric data management, are excited to announce the signing of a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to embark on a collaboration aimed at transforming the landscape of healthcare data management and payment systems in Korea.

The main aims of the collaboration are:

  • Integrate respective offerings of Solve.Care Korea (Care.Wallet) and Hippocrat (Patient DataHub), to promote easier self-custody and management of health and data by Korean patients
  • To explore ways to enhance patient access and control over their data, including but not limited to integrating Hippocrat’s Patient DataHub into SCK’s Care.Wallet
  • To explore the option to build and launch a Care.Network in Korea that serves the interests of Korean patients and utilizes skills and offerings of both Parties.

This collaboration is more than just a technological integration; it represents a comprehensive strategy to enhance healthcare services and the patient experience across Korea. Both companies are committed to a wide range of initiatives, including joint business development, marketing efforts, and the establishment of an extensive healthcare network.

Furthermore, the alliance will enable easier onboarding of patients into the SOLVE token economy, fostering a more inclusive and accessible healthcare financial ecosystem. This integration marks a significant step towards democratizing healthcare payments and ensuring seamless transactions within the healthcare sector.

“This collaboration is more than just a partnership, it is a turning point in overcoming many challenges in the healthcare industry,” said Tae Yang Kim, COO of Solve.Care Korea. “The future that Solve.Care Korea and Hippocrat will create together will combine patient-centered data management with blockchain technology to create a more transparent, secure, and accessible healthcare system.”

Mr. Choi Hyung-seop, CEO of Hippocrat, said, “We’ve been looking to take the next step in bringing decentralization and patient-centric practices for healthcare in Korea. This partnership with Solve.Care is a step towards a comprehensive healthcare network leveraging both organizations’ infrastructure that enables us to do just that.”

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