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Solve.Care and Lillius Announce Partnership to Bring Healthcare to the Next Level with Gamification and AI

Seoul, South Korea - 16 October 2023Solve.Care, a global healthcare platform powered by blockchain technology, and Lillius, an AI sports challenge platform, have announced a partnership to transform the healthcare industry.

This collaboration aims to bring cutting-edge gamification, AI, advanced motion tracking, and celebrity professional athletes’ guidance to healthcare and fitness conscious users around the world. The two companies will explore ways to combine and analyze exercise and healthcare big data to provide more specialized and targeted service delivery to each individual user. Together, the synergies between Solve.Care’s Care.Wallet and Lillius applications will bring these advanced functionalities to a greater global user base.

Through its application, Lillius provides users with an AI behavioral analysis system and accessible sports challenge content and is leading the sports blockchain ecosystem with its 6K Squat Challenge campaign to promote healthy exercise habits. The current release application is available on both the Play Store and App Store. Recently, the company has announced collaborations with various global projects and platforms, including Solve.Care, and is attracting attention as it continues to expand not only in Korea but also in the global market. Lillius is the official partner of Samsung, providing global sports content through Samsung Smart TVs, and is acknowledged for its content production capabilities and technical know-how.

A renowned provider of a decentralized digital healthcare platform (Care.Platform) for healthcare applications utilizing blockchain technology, Solve.Care brings its expertise and experience to enable the rapid development of healthcare solutions. By leveraging blockchain-mitigated transactional processing, Solve.Care ensures the utmost security and efficiency in handling health data that can be used to craft a custom experience for users of Lillius’ application.

Solve.Care and Lillius share the mission to advance healthcare innovation, increase access, and offer holistic healthcare solutions. Their partnership represents two visionary organizations working toward one common goal - making healthcare more cost-efficient, patient-oriented, and technologically advanced.

Pradeep Goel, CEO of Solve.Care states, “I am excited to announce this partnership between Solve.Care and Lillius. Our shared goal of revolutionizing healthcare through innovation, blockchain technology, and patient-centric solutions unifies us; we aim to make healthcare more accessible, efficient, and technologically advanced, ultimately benefitting individuals and communities worldwide. This partnership expands on our efforts to explore more AI learning opportunities that will add functionality to our Care.Platform.”

With this agreement, we will work together with Solve.Care to create a desirable ecosystem where everyone can enjoy a healthy life by utilizing blockchain technology,” said Jooyeon Kim, CEO of Lillius. “It will be a springboard for us to provide advanced healthcare services in addition to Lillius’s technology competitiveness and content core competencies.”

Solve.Care and Lillius’ partnership marks an essential step toward realizing their shared vision of an efficient healthcare system that employs cutting-edge technologies for individual care as well as improving services to communities at large. Together these organizations will work towards positive changes that benefit individuals as well as communities alike.

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