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Solve.Care Announces New European Base of Operations, Providing a Safe Workplace for Their Ukrainian Team Members

New Solve.Care office, Solve.Care Hungary LLC, formed in Debrecen, Hungary, following evacuation from Kyiv, Ukraine due to war.

Debrecen, Hungary, 31st March 2022: Today, Solve.Care, the global healthcare blockchain company, announced the setting up of their new legal entity and office space, based in Debrecen, Hungary. Solve.Care Hungary LLC will provide a new base of operations for their Ukrainian team members who have evacuated from the city of Kyiv in Ukraine, as well as to ensure the business continuity of the company.

While Solve.Care has a workforce spread throughout the world, it had a large number based in Kyiv, Ukraine. Prior to the invasion of Russian troops, contingency plans were already put in place and implemented to ensure the safety of its team members and continued business operations. Initially, most of the team were evacuated to a city in Western Ukraine, and while there, organized on the ground support to displaced families through the Care Shelter initiative. As time progressed, Solve.Care was able to evacuate much of their people out of Ukraine, and has now officially set up operations in Debrecen, Hungary. 

This ensures that the necessary legal framework and infrastructure is in place to enable the Solve.Care team to continue in a new country as working professionals, as well as safeguarding against major disruptions to operations and the day-to-day running of the business. At the moment there are around 10 team members working out of the new Hungarian office space. There is scope to expand and add to their numbers in Hungary, as more team members are expected to make their way to Debrecen. A number of Solve.Care team members have stayed back in Ukraine, while others have moved to other neighboring countries, working remotely from there. 

Commenting on the new business development, CEO of Solve.Care Pradeep Goel said, “The ongoing crisis has put a huge mental and physical strain on our Ukrainian colleagues. It fills me with great pride when I look at the team and see their resilience and focus during this very difficult period. Our people have been working tirelessly since the beginning of the Russian invasion, dividing their time with the business and the Care Shelter initiative. Now that we have established our Hungarian office, we are able to continue working with a renewed focus to provide our blockchain solutions to the healthcare industry in a safe environment. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Hungarian community for welcoming us with open arms.” 

Solve.Care will continue their operations from their new European base in Debrecen, Hungary and is also committed to support the Ukrainian people suffering on the ground during the ongoing crisis. 

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