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Solve.Care Announces the First Crypto-Enabled Healthcare Marketplace, with devices immediately available to US customers

  • The first crypto-enabled marketplace to promote the use and purchase of remote-monitoring healthcare devices such as EKG and BPM monitors
  • Devices sold on Care.Marketplace are soon to be integrated with Care.Wallet and the Solve.Care Platform

Dallas, Texas, USA, 19 May 2022Solve.Care, the global healthcare blockchain technology company, has launched Care.Marketplace – the first crypto-enabled marketplace dedicated to household healthcare products.

Solve.Care is creating innovative solutions to long-standing access challenges within the healthcare sector, with the launch of this marketplace being one of many important steps in that process. The two initial devices that will be available for purchase are the OMRON Evolv® Wireless Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor and the AliveCor KardiaMobile 1L, heart-rate monitor device.

The global remote patient monitoring devices market size is expected to grow to USD101.02 billion by 2028 at a CAGR of 18.9%. Solve.Care, and their Care.Marketplace, plan to be at the forefront of this market growth and promote the access to home healthcare devices – which can significantly empower consumers with important data relevant to personal health, as well as for use by medical and insurance providers.

The crypto-enabled marketplace will allow crypto-users to take control of critical home-health monitoring through the purchase of healthcare devices, which will later be integrated with their Care.Wallet app. The crypto community supports the demand of long-standing crypto-use with tangible real-life results.

As wearable technology and health monitoring apps have become standard everyday use for hundreds of thousands of consumers across the US, there is further opportunity for the digitalization and integration of their health and wellbeing management – particularly amongst the crypto-native community, and their families and friends.

Payment Methods

 For the initial stages of the Care.Marketplace, only the SOLVE token will be accepted as payment through the MetaMask wallet. The SOLVE token is a utility of Solve.Care and is designed for numerous purposes, including care coordination and administration, as well as payments of healthcare and benefits around the world.

In the near future, Solve.Care is planning to add the capability for Care.Wallet users to scan a QR code on the Care.Marketplace website to make the payment in SOLVE directly from the Care.Wallet app. Such an integration will result in minimal, if not, no gas fees at all for customers. While the Care.Marketplace website will have a constant price in US dollars, the price of SOLVE will change accordingly.

Pradeep Goel, CEO of Solve.Care commented on the recent launch: “We are delighted to be the developers and owners of the first crypto-enabled healthcare marketplace in the world. Through this development, we are hoping to promote the use of medical devices at home to ensure that individuals are able to monitor any irregularities and, if necessary, consult with a healthcare professional before any difficulties arise. The launch of our marketplace coincides with the increasing normalization of crypto-payments and the global digitalization of numerous different sectors. It is vital that the healthcare sector remains up-to-date on the latest trends and developments.”

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