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Solve.Care CEO Pradeep Goel to speak at government-meets blockchain healthcare conference in Nashville

(US, Delaware – Oct. 31) – Solve.Care will be attending Distributed Health – Nashville 2018 on November 5-6.

The Distributed Health – Nashville conference, now in its third year, is America’s premier government-meets blockchain for healthcare conference, and for this event, Pradeep will be accompanied by Solve.Care Senior Policy Advisor Dr. David Randall, Ph.D.

Pradeep will be giving a presentation of Solve.Care on the afternoon of November 5. During his half-hour talk, he will touch upon the changes that are unfolding both within healthcare administration overall as well as Solve.Care’s own developments.

Solve.Care is rapidly expanding its platform and is already in use among the 5,500 doctors of Arizona Care Network, one of the largest care provision networks in America. ACN, through the Solve.Care platform, recently became the first major health care provider ever to settle payment through a blockchain-based mechanism using a platform’s native coin.

Solve.Care CEO Pradeep Goel expressed his enjoyment at meeting America’s healthcare-focused lawmakers and blockchain gurus:

“Distributed Health – Nashville is a fixture on the Solve.Care calendar, and we’re glad to take part in it. With the need for reducing costs and streamlining processes in healthcare becoming clearer every day, I will be glad to report on behalf of the Solve.Care team about our real-world advances in this direction.”


About Solve.Care

The Solve.Care platform is a revolutionary healthcare administration platform designed for use by patients, employers, physicians, healthcare organizations, and insurance companies. The purpose of the platform, which is driven by blockchain technology, is to eliminate current issues in healthcare, including inefficiencies, delays in care, insurance fraud, and wasteful spending in the industry.

The platform injects unprecedented levels of accountability and transparency into the administration of care, improving the efficiency and effectiveness of care delivery. Strategic communication channels are also fundamental to the platform. Privacy is a priority of these channels as is the facilitation of timely coordination between physicians, pharmacies, providers, and patients.

The goal of the platform is to benefit all stakeholders involved in the healthcare system by replacing inefficient and duplicative systems with intelligent automation to save billions of dollars in costs per year. Patients are empowered to manage their healthcare decisions. Employers can use the platform to administer benefits, reduce costs, and reward their employees. Physicians and hospitals can issue prescriptions, manage appointments, and coordinate with specialists.

Solve.Care has signed a multi-year contract for its decentralized healthcare administration platform with Arizona Care Network (ACN), a leading accountable care organization (ACO) in the US with a network of more than 5,500 physicians covering 250,000 members.

For more information about the company, please go to https://prod.solve.care or contact us via email at [email protected]

Media Relations:
Mariya Ozadovskaya, [email protected]


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