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Solve.Care Foundation and ARPI enter into strategic partnership

Blockchain technology applications and data analytics will drive innovation and efficiencies in health care administration and payments.

(WASHINGTON, DC) – Solve.Care Foundation and the American Research and Policy Institute have entered into a strategic partnership contract to bring to market the Solve.Care healthcare platform, built on blockchain technology, with the goal to drive innovation in health care administration and payments in public programs.

“I am pleased to work with the Solve.Care team in utilizing our organization’s proven track record of health data analysis in private and public markets,” said David Randall, Ph.D.-Executive Director and Resident Scholar of ARPI. “We believe the decentralized capability of the Solve.Care platform allows for delegated authority to the individual such that it will greatly reduce administration and payment inefficiencies common in all health care delivery and payment systems today.  We are partnering with Solve.Care team to provide academic quality peer-reviewed analysis that will result in data-driven decisions for the benefit of all users. Solve.Care is bringing a ground-breaking system based on blockchain technology to the market and we are pleased to be part of the team applying it to public programs in the US and worldwide,“ added Dr. Randall.

Pradeep Goel, CEO of the Solve Care Foundation further added that “I am pleased that ARPI and Solve.Care have entered into a partnership that adds sophisticated data analytics capability to our ecosystem.  We believe that the healthcare data analysis capabilities and expertise of ARPI will enhance our platform offerings and will help our clients achieve even greater administrative efficiencies.”

Dr. Randall also adds that “Solve.Care under the leadership of Pradeep can and will revolutionize the health care administration and payments landscape not only in the U.S. but in health care systems around the world. I firmly believe that the promise of blockchain technology will be fully realized by this platform. We are very excited about working with the Solve.Care team as they are rapidly implementing real-life use cases for healthcare clients around the world.”


We are redefining care coordination, benefit administration and accuracy of payments in healthcare, through proper use of distributed ledger technologies commonly known as Blockchain. Our deep domain expertise in healthcare allows us to build a platform that links, syncs and empowers all stakeholders in healthcare delivery and administration. Our platform is designed to be expanded by the community of publishers, developers, integrators, clients, and partners.


American Research and Policy Institute (ARPI) is a not-for-profit academic research and policy organization based in Washington, DC. The organization is dedicated to robust policy analysis and research that informs policymakers, practitioners and the public on a wide range of issues.  ARPI works collaboratively with leading academics and health care professionals to provide advisory and analytic services to insurers, universities, government agencies, and health care providers.

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