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Solve.Care Korea and ICP.Hub Korea Join Forces to Advance Blockchain-Powered Solutions in Education and Healthcare

Seoul, Korea, [10–09–2023]Solve.Care, an innovative blockchain-based healthcare platform, and ICP(Internet Computer).Hub Korea, an influential blockchain technology organization, have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to establish a collaborative alliance aimed at encouraging mutual growth and spurring innovation within education and healthcare services.

Solve.Care and ICP.Hub Korea have joined forces on joint initiatives designed to accelerate adoption of blockchain technology domestically and abroad. South Korea has quickly adopted blockchain technology, emerging as a leader in global adoption. Through government support and private sector participation, a thriving ecosystem for innovation in this space has developed. From finance to healthcare and more besides have integrated it to improve efficiency or create new business models.

The collaboration will have these primary areas of focus:
-Execution of global blockchain projects related to healthcare
-Conducting educational programs at universities and institutions worldwide to build awareness and understanding of this emerging technology.
-Collaborative research and development on blockchain projects related to education, particularly healthcare applications.
-Participation in forums and events designed to showcase blockchain projects while raising awareness about its potential across various fields.
– Exploring additional areas for potential mutual exchange and collaboration to accelerate innovation and opening up new opportunities.

“Solve.Care Korea is thrilled to join forces with ICP.Hub Korea to explore the profound potential of blockchain technology for revolutionizing healthcare and education,” stated Dr. Uhn Lee, President of Solve.Care Korea. “This partnership represents our shared commitment to driving innovation, increasing accessibility, and providing value back into communities served.”

“Blockchain technology holds great promise to bring transformative solutions across various sectors, and we are thrilled to join forces with Solve.Care Korea to make meaningful impacts,” stated Jake Park, Founder of ICP.Hub Korea “Together we aim to pioneer initiatives that will shape blockchain education and healthcare’s future.”

Both parties are excited by the prospects offered by this collaboration and look forward to creating an innovative partnership that drives meaningful change within healthcare and education sectors.

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