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Solve.Care Launches Care.Chain, A Decentralized Layer-2 Blockchain Infrastructure for Healthcare

Care.Chain provides the necessary base infrastructure to fully decentralize healthcare and solve the core issues plaguing the current healthcare system.

Tallinn, Estonia, 30 March 2023:  Solve.Care, a healthcare platform company that leverages blockchain technology to deliver better care, has announced the launch of Care.Chain, a decentralized Layer-2 network infrastructure. Care.Chain is a significant step towards Solve.Care’s mission to improve healthcare access, delivery, management, and payments for both healthcare institutions and consumers through the benefits that blockchain technology provides.

While many existing Layer-2 blockchains are built from the bottom up seeking real-world applications for the technology, Care.Chain is developed to solve specific challenges facing the healthcare industry such as patient access to their health data and rising costs due to cumbersome administrative processes. Trust and compliance measures are built-in to overcome barriers to adoption, such as requiring a Proof-of-Competency and a healthcare license or certification from validators.

Care.Chain provides a globally connected, open network architecture where all participants in the healthcare ecosystem can interact on a peer-to-peer basis in a transparent, trusted, and secure manner. The chain integrates seamlessly with the broader Solve.Care ecosystem and adds to the full-stack digital healthcare platform that simplifies the healthcare experience for all stakeholders which include individuals and families, doctors and care providers, employers, insurance providers, government agencies, and more. Blockchain developers can now build applications on Care.Chain, utilizing Solve.Care’s full-stack platform, to solve issues such as KYC and trust, privacy, compliance, efficiency, and cost.

“Care.Chain’s mission is to partner with healthcare institutions as validators to achieve progressive decentralization and provide a more equitable open healthcare system for the betterment of all,” said Pradeep Goel, CEO of Solve.Care. “Solve.Care has been on this journey for a long time. As we built the platform to tackle these issues from the top down, it became evident to us that there was not a single Layer-2 chain that was suitable for enterprises to adopt and serve healthcare in the way it needs to be served. Care.Chain gives us the final missing piece of the puzzle to really enable enterprise, consumer, patient, and provider to collaborate on a platform that becomes an open marketplace infrastructure and global payment system for healthcare.”

Care.Chain also introduces new healthcare computing primitives with the introduction of ZK (Zero-Knowledge) verifiable runtime for events. This allows for the implementation of multiple use cases which go beyond the basic distributed ledger technology use cases. It is oriented towards the healthcare domain and provides out-of-the-box support for wallet-based apps for peer-to-peer communications and for processing any business events. Care.Chain enables the execution of events natively in its runtime, combining the power of an EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) and verified credentials-based event stream processing to create a unique Healthcare Event Virtual Machine. The chain also allows for the creation of healthcare dApps as NFTs and peer-to-peer communication between healthcare roles via wallets. Users can directly transfer information between two parties (e.g. patient and physician) with no intermediary in between, which provides greater data security.

SOLVE is the native Layer-2 token (like MATIC, IMX, or LRC) of Care.Chain. Developers interested in accessing tools to build customs dApps, or healthcare networks seeking solutions for lowering cost and increasing efficiency may contact Solve.Care at: [email protected].

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