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Solve.Care Launches Care.School Education Program Allowing Ukrainian Children to Recieve International Diploma

  • The program allows students to receive an Ontario Secondary School Diploma, giving them the opportunity for further education in Canada, the USA, the UK, other universities around the world.
  • Objective of the program is to provide world-class education opportunities to Ukrainian students as part of a long term rebuilding strategy for the country. 
  • Program launched in partnership with Concordia International University, and Cities of Truskavets and Borislav, Ukraine. 


Kyiv, Ukraine – October 10, 2022: Solve.Care, a healthcare platform company that leverages blockchain to improve care coordination, benefit administration and payments has announced its newest initiative, the Care.School program for Ukrainian children. 

Care.Schools are a collaboration between Solve.Care and Concordia International University. It is an online education program that supplements the standard school education in Ukraine and allows children to earn a dual high school diploma from Ukraine and Canada. Once students have an Ontario Secondary School diploma, they can apply to study in any university in the USA, the UK, Canada, all English-speaking commonwealth and many other universities around the world.

The Care.School program, which embraces a holistic approach to education, has been introduced in two cities, Truskavets and Borislav. The additional interactive courses that have been implemented in this two cities are free for the students and sponsored by Solve.Care. The first groups of enrolled students started their online education in October. With the support of the local coordinators, the lessons are administered in IT.Labs, provided by Solve.Care. 

Pradeep Goel, CEO of Solve.Care commented on the recent initiative, “It is our mission to give Ukrainian children the same opportunity as children in the developed world. We are emulating success of Singapore and Korean education system, and bringing opportunities to Ukraine that were simply not available, even before the war. Our focus is on promoting education and awareness that shapes Ukrainian children into global citizens, and allows them to compete in the global workforce while adapting essential values of freedom, fairness, and success through hard work.” 

Pradeep continued to say, “Throughout this Russian invasion of Ukraine, the Solve.Care team has worked tirelessly to ensure the safety of many, including through our Care.Shelter initiative. But, as the war goes on, there is so much more that needs to be done –  and our efforts will continue as long as we see we can make a positive difference,” he concluded.

This is not Solve.Care’s first venture into the education sector. The company has recently partnered with Inha University in South Korea. Here, Solve.Care is providing university students with access to their Care.Labs portal to provide them with insights and education into blockchain technology. 

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