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Solve.Care Launches Children NFT Art Auction to Support Care Shelter

  • Solve.Care employees, themselves displaced from their former Kyiv office, have now set up 9 Care Shelters to support more than 2,000 people across Ukraine.
  • All funds raised from the NFT auction will support food and medicine in the shelters.

Debrecen, Hungary, 21 April 2022 – Solve.Care, the global healthcare blockchain technology company, today launches an NFT collection of Ukrainian children’s drawings – many of which were part of the government’s effort to share messages with those on the frontlines. The drawings, by both displaced children in the Solve.Care Care Shelters and those who have welcomed new classmates from displaced communities, will see their art minted on OpenSea and auctioned to raise vital funds for the shelters’ inhabitants.

Solve.Care is one of the few multinational companies that had to respond to a military invasion on their doorstep. Now, having ensured the safety of their employees and their families, as well as the continuity of their operations, they are leveraging their expertise, technology, and mission to be a force for positive impact in the conflict.

The NFT Auction

For a direct-impact take on a theme in the NFT market, Solve.Care and OpenSea will mint a batch of children’s drawings with messages of hope and support to those defending Ukrainian territory. These are designed by many of the children who have sought refuge in, and continue to benefit from, the relative safety and comfort of the Care Shelters. These drawings were first sent to the army personnel as a personal message to them – and now, these drawings of hope and support are used to raise funds to keep the Care Shelters going.

 Angel By Iryna, Age 11

All funds that will be generated by the auctioning of these NFTs will go straight back into the Care Shelters to ensure they are able to provide the necessities to the displaced individuals and families, and each child and their families will be informed of the impact of their works of art.

CEO of Solve.Care, Pradeep Goel stated, “We know that we are not a charity, nor a government agency, but we are an IT company who loves Ukraine and is doing things on the ground to support Ukrainian families. Existing support is helping us to keep going and provide even more aid – and we are asking the Crypto, NFT and wider Web3 community to support this auction in any way that they can. Every cent we are given for this initiative, we spend directly on shelters to support these families. There is not one cent of waste and there is no administrative overhead because it is the Solve.Care team directly doing the work.”

Home by Varvara, Age 9

Care Shelters

The Care Shelter initiative started when the Solve.Care team, having already evacuated to the city of Truskavets in Western Ukraine, started seeing an influx of families fleeing to Western Ukraine. Having already solved for the housing and shelter needs of their own employees, Solve.Care has worked with local city authorities and volunteers to provide temporary, safe shelters, along with necessities such as food, medicine, blankets, beds, and personal hygiene products, to families, women and children. These nine operational shelters house (or have housed) over two-thousand civilians and contain over eight hundred beds. 

Both the Care Shelter initiative and the NFT auction are new efforts for Solve.Care, a blockchain technology company with deep Ukrainian roots. The company began when they purchased Ukrsoft, a Ukrainian software company that was providing blockchain solutions to the US, Europe and Asia; CEO Pradeep Goel’s wife is Ukrainian; many of Solve.Care team members are Ukrainian; and Solve.Care’s largest office was based in Kyiv, prior to the invasion by Russian Armed Forces.

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