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Solve.Care Launches the 2019 Care.Card Design Contest

Tallinn, Estonia – August 16, 2019 – Solve.Care, a global healthcare platform that uses blockchain technology for the administration, coordination, and payments of healthcare benefits, has announced that it will host the second annual Care.Card Design Contest for UX and UI designers.

Registration for the contest opens on August 20. Prototype submissions will be accepted starting September 10. Competition judging will be held from October 9 – October 16, with winners announced on October 17. To participate, applicants must apply on the contest’s official website,

The Care.Card Design Contest has the goal of creating dApps that better healthcare for all. To participate, designers will create a How Are You Feeling Today (HAYFT) Care.Card for use in Solve.Care’s Care.Wallet. A professional jury will choose the top three winning designs. The first-place winner will be awarded $3,000, second-place $2,000, and third-place $1,000.

The HAYFT Care.Card allows everyone, regardless of age and/or ability, to keep friends, family, and others in sync on their health. Users of the Care.Card share their health observations with a doctor, family member, friend, or anyone who cares for or about them. A HAYFT Care.Card is made with elderly parents, young children, family, and friends in mind. It must be easy to use, allowing anyone to answer a simple question every day about their health and wellness to quickly document how they feel. The Care.Card design must be intuitive, allowing users to easily understand their health roadmap.

The Care.Card Design Contest offers designers the chance to have a real-life impact on global healthcare, receive professional mentorship, be exposed to famous UX and UI designers, and get recognition on design platforms, healthcare media, and Solve.Care corporate channels. Winners and other participants may also be able to find opportunities to work in UX and UI design at Solve.Care.

The first Care.Card Contest in 2018 focused on development and invited designers and react native developers to participate. The contest lasted 55 days, and 290 people participated from 32 countries. There were 10 winners in multiple categories. This year, Solve.Care decided to focus the contest on UX/UI design.

Full contest details are available on the Care.Card Design Contest website. Participants and those interested can follow developments and take part in discussions on the Care.Card Design Contest official social media pages.

Official website
Official Telegram group
Official Facebook page
Official YouTube channel

Care.Card Design Contest Timetable
Registration: August 20 – October 4
Submission: September 10 – October 8
Judging: October 9 – October 16
Winners Announced: October 17

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