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Solve.Care Releases Care.Wallet 2.0

Healthcare management app now Web3 ready to fully utilize decentralized digital health networks

Tallinn, Estonia, 11 November 2022:  Solve.Care, a healthcare platform company that leverages blockchain to deliver better care, today announced a major release of its Care.Wallet. Care.Wallet is designed to be a life-long companion for users to have better control over their healthcare journey, while retaining ownership of their healthcare data. It is a gateway to a diverse range of Web3 healthcare networks on the Solve.Care platform. 

In this latest release of Care.Wallet, users can:

  1. Acquire SOLVE tokens directly in the Care.Wallet. SOLVE tokens are used as currency to pay for healthcare services and products on the platform
  2. Track their SOLVE transactions from their activities in healthcare networks
  3. Set up a Care.Circle, made up of friends, family, and healthcare providers, so that they can better manage their healthcare journey. 
  4. Capture EKG data using AliveCor’s KadiaMobile devices

Pradeep Goel, CEO of Solve.Care commented: “Care.Wallet 2.0 represents another breakthrough in Web3 development for healthcare. It is a major milestone for Solve.Care in delivering better care for users globally. Users can be comforted in the knowledge that their data is secured and decentralized using blockchain technology no matter which healthcare network they access on our Care.Platform.”

Care.Wallet is a life-long companion for users to have better control over their healthcare journey, while retaining full ownership of their healthcare data.

In conjunction with the release of Care.Wallet 2.0, the company has launched a 60-day celebration campaign in Korea. During this period, Solve.Care has committed to giving every Korean between 50 to 100 SOLVE tokens who downloads the Care.Wallet.  It has also offered one lucky winner a grand prize of 1 million SOLVE tokens should there be 10K downloads during the celebration period.  More information on this celebration can be found on

Care.Wallet can be downloaded for free at Google Play and Apple Store.

This news comes directly after the recent announcements by the company that it had won two prestigious awards. The first being the “Enterprise Transformation Award” at the 2022 Web3 and Blockchain Transformation Awards, and the second being “Best Digital Leadership in Health Equity, Diversity and Inclusion” for the eHealthcare Leadership Awards.

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