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Solve.Care Unveils Breakthrough in Web 3.0 Development for Healthcare

Healthcare industry and individuals can now create and deploy digital health networks in a Web 3.0 environment quickly and cost effectively.

Talinn, Estonia – August 30, 2022 – Solve.Care, the healthcare blockchain platform company, today announced the launch of Care.Labs Wallet, which allows users to access the revolutionary Care.Labs portal. The company describes Care.Labs as a healthcare Imaginarium, a place where users can envision and then easily author decentralized healthcare applications (dApps) without the need for any programming, blockchain or even Web 3.0 knowledge.

Care.Labs removes all the complexity of building a Web 3.0 decentralized healthcare solution. While most dApp protocols focus around native crypto use cases, the Solve.Care Platform gives businesses, governments, and physicians the ability to implement real world healthcare solutions on the blockchain without investing years into R&D. All interactions and transactions within the network are tokenized, thereby removing frictions inherent in the healthcare industry. The company’s native digital token, SOLVE is utilized as gas, fees and payments for this purpose on the Solve.Care Platform.

In Care.Labs, users can author and test their decentralized (health)Care Network before they deploy it on the mainnet for the public. In these networks, Web 3.0 elements such as decentralized identity, decentralized user data ownership, and peer-to-peer messaging with payments are automatically built in. Instead of building individual network elements and then trying to integrate them, one can simply configure a network of participants and author as many different solutions as needed, with every solution being automatically interoperable.

Commenting on the launch, CEO Pradeep Goel said, “As the global shift towards digital healthcare accelerates, most initiatives are stymied by lack of clear data ownership, low adoption rates by patients and doctors, and cost of integrating solutions that don’t talk to each other. Add to that, the cost and time required for launching new digital health solutions, the obligation for ongoing governance, and the need to achieve and maintain compliance. This has resulted in most digital healthcare solutions not seeing the light of day for being too much risk for too little ROI.”

“Care.Labs changes all that. It is a breakthrough that brings blockchain and Web3.0 capabilities to healthcare enterprise. Care.Labs will become a global catalyst for innovative digital health solutions that are flexible, personalized, with clear data ownership, compliant data usage and high level of adoption by participants, while dramatically lowering cost, risk and liability, and generating real return on investment.”

Healthcare stakeholders can sign-up to start authoring and testing their dApp healthcare networks using the Care.Labs Wallet for free at

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