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Solve.Care Unveils Care.Trials Network: Pioneering the World’s First Zero-Knowledge Global Healthcare Network for Clinical Trials

Tallinn, Estonia, August 09, 2023Solve.Care, a leading global healthcare technology company revolutionizing healthcare through blockchain solutions, celebrates a groundbreaking achievement in the medical and blockchain industries with the launch of the Care.Trials Network. This cutting-edge network, powered by zero-knowledge (ZK) technology and blockchain, is poised to redefine the landscape of clinical trials worldwide.

Care.Trials Network is a healthcare network that revolutionizes clinical trial enrollment. Its advanced zero-knowledge technology ensures participants’ privacy while providing a user-friendly interface to match them with trials based on their preferences and health information.

It disrupts a 50 billion dollar industry riddled with middlemen, inefficiencies, and bureaucracy, reinventing clinical trials in a way that unlocks limitless potential. By combining blockchain’s immutable security and the innovative power of zero-knowledge (ZK) technology, Solve.Care is pioneering an unprecedented level of privacy, data integrity, and transparency in medical research.

Care.Trials Network’s zero-knowledge (ZK) technology empowers participants with newfound control over their sensitive data. Patients’ rights are firmly restored as they can confidently engage in clinical trials while preserving their privacy. By allowing doctors and patients to connect seamlessly across geographical and demographic boundaries, Care.Trials Network heralds a new era of inclusivity and accessibility in healthcare.

Moreover, Care.Trials Network stands as the world’s first zero-knowledge clinical trials system that offers the option for participants to receive payment in digital currency, SOLVE token, as decided by the clinical trial owner. With unparalleled speed and ease, patients can now participate in trials and be rewarded with digital assets, representing a paradigm shift in how participants are compensated in medical research.

At its core, Care.Trials Network optimizes the entire clinical trials process. By leveraging individual profiles and advanced matching algorithms, the platform significantly boosts participation rates, enhances trial accuracy, and expedites successful outcomes. This innovation transcends the boundaries of healthcare and opens up limitless possibilities for blockchain and crypto industries by demonstrating a transformative use case on a global scale.

Pradeep Goel, the visionary CEO of Solve.Care, exclaimed, “The launch of Care.Trials Network is a historic milestone for humanity. We are reshaping the landscape of healthcare, blockchain, and crypto industries in a way that brings immeasurable benefits to patients, doctors, and researchers worldwide. By combining the potential of blockchain, zero-knowledge technology, and digital currency, we are empowering individuals and unlocking the full potential of medical research.”

Care.Trials Network is a true game-changer, inviting healthcare stakeholders, blockchain enthusiasts, and the global community to be part of this epoch-making transformation. As the world embraces this unprecedented innovation, Solve.Care continues to spearhead the charge in revolutionizing healthcare and reshaping the future of our well-being.

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